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Side by Side Feature Comparison of Hubstaff

We360.ai and Hubstaff are similar tools, so we’ve created a side-by-side comparison of their main characteristics. Take a look at them, and then we’ll show you more detailed reasons to choose We360.ai over Hubstaff .

Simple Installation
Productivity Measurement
Project Management
Automated Screenshots
Time and Attendance
7 Days
Trial Period
14 Days
Kanban Task management
BI Dashboards
In Depth Screenshot Insights
Live Product Training
Dedicated Account Manager
On permise Deployment
24 x 7 Support over calls
Quick User Import
( Import with CSV/XLS within Minutes)
222/- Flat
513 - 1466/-

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Top Reasons to Select We360ai

You’re looking to monitor productivity of a growing team

If your team is rapidly growing and you’re feeling like you’re losing control over what everyone’s doing and when – We360.ai is perfect for you. With it, you can track employees’ time without disturbing them in any way. Moreover, you’ll receive insightful productivity and activity reports, which will provide you with the exact overview of your team’s efficiency.

You need a truly automated solution
While Hubstaff has built a great time tracking platform, it still requires a fair share of manual work, leaving space for human error. At We360.ai, we know you have better things to do, which is why our software starts tracking as soon as the computer is turned on. This way employees can clock in and clock out without clicking the button.
You need to track suspicious activities without being noticed
If you’re suspecting someone on your team for malpractice, you definitely wouldn’t want them to know you’re tracking their computer activity. We360.ai can work in stealth mode, and your employees won’t be aware they’re being monitored. A feature like this could potentially save you over $3 million on data breach costs.
You want to store data on your servers
Our on-premise option allows companies to store collected data on their servers. This option is great for organizations that don’t mind a little extra technical effort and have an IT team to help with the setup. If you select this option, your company will provide the servers, while we provide the data.
You're looking for the best price to performance ratio
If you have a limited budget and agree that time tracking should be simple and cost-effective – We360.ai is the best solution for you. As a comparison, Hubstaff prices are up to 40% higher than We360.ai’.
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