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Side by Side Feature Comparison of DeskTime

We360.ai and DeskTime are similar tools, so we’ve created a side-by-side comparison of their main characteristics. Take a look at them, and then we’ll show you more detailed reasons to choose We360.ai over DeskTime .

Simple Installation
Productivity Measurement
Project Management
Automated Screenshots
Time and Attendance
7 Days
Trial Period
14 Days
Kanban Task management
BI Dashboards
In Depth Screenshot Insights
Live Product Training
Dedicated Account Manager
On permise Deployment
24 x 7 Support over calls
Quick User Import
( Import with CSV/XLS within Minutes)
222/- Flat
513 - 1025

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Top Reasons to Select We360ai

Installation of We360.ai is much simpler than DeskTime, because We360.ai contains one small installation file and you can either invite your employees through email to install it, or you can use an active directory and install it on all office computers at once.


On the other hand, DeskTime requires that you invite employees to join you and install additional browser extension so you can track URLs. Their interface isn’t as friendly as We360.Ai’s. Some information is only accessible through a few confusing steps, instead of through one click.


Additionally, we360.ai prides itself in having a stellar customer support team which is available every day, and usually responds within 10 minutes. We tried contacting DeskTime support through chat, and we waited 80 hours for a response! To be fair, the weekend was included, but still – we know that not every client has weekends off, and if anything goes sideways on a Saturday or even Sundays, you can count on We360.ai to fix it.

If you want to use a remote employee time tracking app, we recommend that you give We360.ai a try since it is perfectly tailored for remote teams, and it’s a simpler and more affordable solution than its counterparts.
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