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We want to enhance the global productivity by using technology.

Integrity and Intent is always greater than intellect.

Always work in the best interest of the customer.

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

Define, recruit, motivate and retain the top talent. You become whatever's around you.
Keep the customers’ interest first. Build a customer-obsessed business model.
Learn from mistakes and keep improving even if it is incremental. Do a little better tomorrow.
Keep inventing, don’t get stuck up on the achievements.
Make High Velocity and High-quality decision making keeping customers’ interest at the front. If it hurts a customer, don’t do it.
Kill bureaucracy, fight complacency and maintain them forever day 1 culture at the startup.
Always Dream Big!
Sell the solution, not the product.

We have the challenge of attracting good talents and retaining them.

We have to overcome the sense of feeling inferior to larger counterparts.

We have to overcome conventional thought process and dream big!

Become a Unicorn.

Become the default global productivity tool for businesses.

We360.ai is a cloud based employee monitoring software that helps you gain insights into your employees’ work environment. It gives you the ability to turn data from all corners of your workplace into meaningful information and actionable insights to help you improve the way people work. Additionally, it allows business owners and HRs to keep a track of their employee’s activities and understand where the time is being utilized.  It is the perfect tool that makes your business flexible and versatile and aids in scaling up your business effortlessly.  With more than 4000 users worldwide, We360.ai's award-winning solution can be configured in minutes to provide immediate visibility into how users are engaging in your organization. We360.ai is the most powerful means to observe how digital enablement efforts are impacting your business or organization. It is easy to use, which means that you won’t have to take much pains to learn how to use it. If in case any problem arises, our customer or technical support welcomes your queries and are adamant to solve them. It also comes with a free trial, where you can use it and see for yourself. And the best part is that it gets configured within minutes. Whether it is 24x7 remote support or dedicated account manager, We360.ai has all of it. We360.ai has plenty of features, custom-made for the convenience of HRs and business owners so that they have one thing off their plates and can focus on other things. To make sure that we are serving you properly, We360.ai comes as an aid when your employees work from home, or from any remote location. You can control and keep a track on their work and productivity, even if they are not in front of you.


Our Mission is to make an app which will disrupt all the major productivity and monitoring giants all together.


Enhance productivity around the globe with 100M Users.

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