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Callarity Private Limited, an outsourcing and offshoring consulting industry, is dedicated to delivering best-in-class productivity through advanced technology, remote teams, and industry expertise. As a contact center, Callarity faced challenges in optimizing productivity and achieving operational excellence. To overcome these hurdles, they onboarded, an innovative solution designed to drive performance improvements and empower organizations with actionable insights. This comprehensive case study delves into Callarity's transformative experience with, highlighting the challenges faced, the actionable solutions implemented, the remarkable outcomes achieved, and key takeaways for contact center success.

Implementing's activity monitoring and timeline features has revolutionized how we understand and maximize team productivity. is a game-changer.


Callarity Private Limited encountered several pressing challenges that impeded their productivity and hindered operational efficiency:

Limited Visibility and Insights

Callarity struggled with a lack of real-time visibility into their agents' activities, making it difficult to track performance, measure productivity accurately, and identify areas for improvement. They needed an actionable solution that could provide instant insights into employee activities and performance.

Streamlining Workforce Management

Callarity sought to streamline their workforce management processes, particularly in salary calculations. They required a solution that could optimize the salary calculation process, ensuring fairness and transparency while simplifying administrative tasks.

Personalized Performance Optimization

Callarity aimed to understand their agents' work habits, identify patterns, and tailor their management approach to maximize performance. They sought an actionable solution that would empower them to optimize working durations and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Solution empowered Callarity with a comprehensive suite of features to drive actionable insights and enhance performance:

Activity Monitoring - Gaining Deeper Insights into Employee Productivity

With's activity monitoring feature, Callarity Private Limited was able to gain deeper insights into their employees' activity levels. The software tracked various activity metrics, including mouse movements, key presses, and mouse clicks, providing a comprehensive understanding of employee engagement.

By capturing data on online time, offline time, working time, idle time, active time, and inactive time, Callarity could analyze how their employees spent their time throughout the day. This information allowed them to identify patterns and trends in work habits and determine the most productive periods for their workforce.

By leveraging the power of activity monitoring, Callarity gained actionable insights into their employees' work styles. They could identify peak productivity hours, assess the impact of distractions or inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance. This proactive approach enabled them to maximize productivity and drive operational excellence across their team.

Timeline - Understanding Work Habits for Tailored Management's timeline feature provided Callarity with a comprehensive view of how employees spent their time throughout the day. This timeline showcased the sequence of activities, breaks, and periods of non-activity, allowing administrators to identify work habits and patterns.

By analyzing the timeline data, Callarity could gain a deep understanding of how their employees worked best. They could identify their employees' most productive periods, preferred work rhythms, and potential areas of improvement. Armed with this knowledge, Callarity could tailor their management approach to meet the specific needs of each individual employee, ultimately boosting job satisfaction and engagement.

The timeline feature also helped Callarity identify potential areas of inefficiency or time wastage. By identifying periods of non-activity or excessive breaks, they could address these issues through targeted interventions or by providing additional resources. This proactive management approach resulted in improved time management and increased overall productivity.

Application Tracking and Productivity Monitoring - Optimizing Resource Allocation's application tracking and productivity monitoring features played a crucial role in optimizing resource allocation at Callarity. With application tracking, Callarity could identify the applications and tools used by their employees and evaluate their productivity impact. By understanding which applications were most effective and relevant to their tasks, Callarity could streamline their application stack and ensure employees had access to the right tools for maximum efficiency.

The productivity monitoring feature provided Callarity with insights into employee productivity levels based on label mapping. By categorizing URLs and applications as productive, unproductive, or neutral, Callarity could evaluate how these tools impacted their overall performance. This information allowed them to identify areas for improvement, eliminate time-wasting activities, and allocate resources more effectively.

By leveraging the application tracking and productivity monitoring features, Callarity optimized resource allocation across their team. They ensured that employees had the necessary tools and resources to perform their tasks efficiently, resulting in streamlined workflows, enhanced productivity, and improved operational outcomes.

These solutions collectively empowered Callarity Private Limited to overcome their challenges, enhance productivity, and drive operational excellence. By harnessing the power of's advanced analytics and monitoring capabilities, Callarity experienced transformative results and positioned themselves as a leader in the outsourcing and offshoring consulting industry.









Remarkable outcomes were observed following the implementation of at Callarity Private Limited:

Boosted Productivity and Performance

With's actionable insights, Callarity experienced a significant boost in productivity and performance. Real-time visibility into employee activities empowered managers to identify top performers, track performance trends, and optimize resource allocation for maximum efficiency. The ability to measure productivity accurately and make data-driven decisions resulted in enhanced operational excellence.

Streamlined Salary Calculations simplified Callarity's salary calculation process, ensuring accuracy and transparency. By leveraging customizable activity duration settings, Callarity effortlessly calculated salaries based on completed activities, streamlining operations and promoting a fair and motivating work environment. This streamlined approach eliminated administrative complexities and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Optimized Work Habits for Excellence

By harnessing's timeline analysis, Callarity gained deep insights into employees' work habits and patterns. This knowledge allowed them to personalize management strategies, provide targeted training, and optimize working durations for each individual. The result was improved job satisfaction, increased employee engagement, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Key Takeaways 

Actionable Insights Drive Performance: Real-time visibility and actionable insights into employee activities are crucial for optimizing performance and achieving operational excellence in a contact center environment.

Tailored Management Approaches: Understanding individual work habits and tailoring management approaches accordingly is essential for unlocking employee potential, enhancing job satisfaction, and driving improved performance.

Streamlined Operations Boost Efficiency: Streamlining administrative processes, such as salary calculations, not only ensures fairness and transparency but also simplifies operations, reduces complexity, and promotes a motivating work environment.

Continuous Improvement Culture: Embracing a culture of continuous improvement, supported by data-driven insights, empowers organizations to identify trends, optimize work habits, and foster employee growth and development.


Callarity Private Limited's partnership with revolutionized their contact center operations by unlocking productivity potential and driving operational excellence. With's activity monitoring, timeline analysis, and application tracking features, Callarity achieved breakthrough performance improvements and created a culture of continuous improvement. The transformative impact of serves as a testament to its effectiveness in propelling contact centers to new heights of success, fostering employee engagement, and optimizing overall performance.

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"Implementing's activity monitoring and timeline features has revolutionized how we understand and maximize team productivity. The ability to set a standard 7-hour activity duration and track employee engagement has improved our salary calculations and incentivized productivity throughout the day. is a game-changer."

"'s solutions have transformed how we manage productivity. The timeline feature provides invaluable insights into work habits, allowing us to tailor our approach. Application tracking and productivity monitoring optimize resource allocation. is now indispensable for operational excellence."