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Automated Attendance

A contactless attendance marking solution

Stop wasting your money on biometrics, smart cards, or any other hefty solutions for attendance marking. In the social distancing times, attendance tracking is made simpler and safe with

Your employees just need to click on the punch-in button, and it's done.'s contactless attendance is a safe, easy, budget-friendly way to manage your employees' daily attendance and track work hours. employee portal comes with "Punch-in" and "Punch-out" features, so you just have to log in to the employee's portal and mark your attendance with a single click.
HRs no longer have to waste time on tedious tasks like consolidating attendance data every month.
With system-generated insightful reports, HRs and Managers have access to download easy-to-analyze reports such as Monthly attendance, Time-in, and time-out data, and working hours monitoring reports.

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