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Why Become an Affiliate?

We360.ai is a cloud-based employee engagement tool that helps organizations improve employee productivity by providing the visual representation of factual workspace data to help you make better and well-informed decisions for your organization.

While working with We360, you get unlimited learning opportunities by working in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

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Mutual Benefits

Your Earnings

We offer excellent commission rates for affiliates who promote We360. The commission rates being representative of Industry benchmarks will assist you to unlock your earning potential. When your customer/lead purchases our product, you will be entitled to receive commissions on the same. There are no boundaries as to how much you can earn. The higher the number of customers you send us, the higher is the incentive you receive.

We360.ai’s Unique Benefits

Trusted, High Demand Product

Our award-winning employee monitoring software makes it easy to profit while promoting the best employee engagement is very high in demand.

On-Time Affiliate Payment

We know you put in all efforts to earn an income, and we value the relationship and partnership with our affiliates. We believe our affiliates are entitled to receive the benefits every time they bring us results. Thus, we focus on paying on time, every time!

Get the Necessary Support to Succeed

We offer dedicated assistance from our experienced Business Development Executives. Any questions or queries, our team is always there to guide you.

Full-Time Job Opportunity

We appreciate our affiliates’ hard work, and that’s why as a reward, we also offer full-time opportunities to deserving candidates

Frequently Asked Questions

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