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Award Winning Employee Monitoring Software

Harness your team's productivity potential using We360.ai, where data-driven insights propel informed decision-making, streamline processes, and elevate overall efficiency.

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Serving 2700+ clients across 19 countries with 47,000+ user

Amazing features to make your work easier

Track Real-Time Productivity

Know what your employees are up to anytime. We360.ai’s software gives you just that - our hierarchy-based dashboard empowers managers, human resource departments, and admin users to analyze employee performance quickly.

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Real time employee productivity tracking

Get Screenshots

Understand how the work gets done with screenshot capture. We360.ai’s fixed-interval screenshot feature lets you find where the team is engaged during work hours. Use this feature for those roles or employees whom you wish to utilize in some other way.

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App Utility

Differentiate between work and non-work apps used by your employees. We360.ai tracks app frequency and duration to gauge productivity levels, helping you identify productive workers and those in need of supervision.

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application usage

Simple Insightful Reports

Get comprehensive employee work reports with We360.ai. Monitor attendance, productivity, and project progress with ease using our robust reporting system, which allows for quick and detailed analysis.

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Remote Status - Get Untimely Access  

We360.ai mobile application enables your managers and admin users to have remote access on both Android and iOS platforms to get a birds-eye view of all employees' daily performance and task completion. We360.ai Employee monitoring app provides real-time employee updates and is perfect for organizations of all sizes.

We360.ai Mobile app

Amazing features to make your work easier

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Get analytics

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New Features

Attendance API Integration
Shift Management

Build for the Modern Teams

We360.ai has all the features you need

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ROI in 2 months

Get rapid ROI with a 25% instant hike in employee efficiency

Health360 has helped us in creating a work-life balance!

We360.ai's Health360 tells us which employee is working hard so that we can allocate them tasks accordingly, thus creating a work-life balance. Enables employee productivity monitoring.


Rahul Singh Bais

Senior Manager,
We Win Limited

“Automated snapshot magnifying transparency.”

The ability to see exactly what's going on the other side, the employee side, is so important during remote working. We360.ai gives us the ability to see the screens in real-time. We're able to ensure that our employees are utilizing their time how they're supposed to, even remotely.


Manish Chaturvedi

Founder, Futor

“The Reports section of We360.ai is revolutionary!”

The report section of We360.ai shows Attendance, Time Tracking, Task Management and Productivity records distinctly and exhaustively. It’s just the perfect blend of the right amount of information and beautifully displayed infographics. I highly recommend We360.ai employee monitoring app.


Jeff Robinson


The #1 Productivity monitoring
tool for smart teams

Trusted by 1000 companies with 15000 plus users so far


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The #1 Productivity monitoring
tool for distributed teams

You are not alone; the misery of trying to keep track of all time spent is real.

"Our productivity has grown by at least 50% after deploying We360.ai. We almost increased the frequency of our appointment bookings in less than 2 months, and recovered all costs within 2 months"
Sachin Jaiswal, HR & Admin
"I've improved as a manager after adopting We360.ai into my organisation. I am able to distribute workload based on my team’s working health."
Sagar Patil, IT Manager
Mind Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"More than 100 members of my team work from remote places post-covid. Without We360.ai, keeping track of their time and attendance would be nearly impossible."
Arun Kumar, DGM
Uber9 Business Process Services Pvt Ltd.

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Trust We360.ai to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements.

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