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Record Employee Presence with Automated Attendance Software

Simplify attendance tracking and boost productivity with our automated attendance software. Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to accurate and efficient record-keeping with We360.ai

live field tracking product with field agents

Automated Attendance: Scrap manual entries and switch to digital logins        

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Accurate and Efficient

Get real-time location tracking for your field employees, ensuring better control and enhanced productivity.

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Optimized Planning

Plan and optimise routes for your field teams to save time and reduce operational costs.

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Efficiency Growth

Enhancing workflows for optimal resource use, boosting performance and productivity.

Automated Attendance: Never Miss an Employee Check-in

GPS tracking

Attendance Insights

Real-time attendance tracking ensures policy adherence and identifies tardiness/absence issues.

  • Total Attendance
  • Leaves
  • AppAttendance%
Time tracking

Remote Access

Online system enables managers to monitor employee punch-in/out from anywhere.

  • Maintain Payroll Records
  • Active Time
  • Idle Time

Quick User Import

We360.ai streamlines new employee onboarding, freeing HR to focus on strategic tasks.

  • New Users Instant Login
  • Team Distribution & Management
  • Seamless User Migration
Internet flexible monitoring

Meaningful Reports

It generates reports for insight into attendance patterns, providing data for informed decisions to improve operational efficiency.

  • Attendance reports
  • Leave reports
  • Late Arrival Reports
Live location tracking

Analytics Dashboard

Complete access to a dashboard providing summaries and trends across all attendance, leave and performance metrics, supporting data-driven decisions.

  • Comprehensive dashboard access
  • Performance Metrics
  • Trend Analysis
Route optimization

Overtime Calculations

Automatically calculate overtime to maintain an accurate record, helping to manage payrolls better.

  • Automated Calculations
  • Accurate Records
  • Payroll Management
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Get instant updates on critical events or deviations in field activities.

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Assign tasks to field staff and track progress in real-time.

Alerts & Notification

Get instant updates on critical events or deviations in field activities.

alerts of field agents

Benefits of Automated Attendance System for Your Organization


Enhanced Attendance Monitoring for Agile Workforce Management.

Get 100% assurance that employees are on time and productive or not. Our system allows employers to monitor attendance from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, allowing for more flexible and agile workforce management.

remote and field employees

Human Resources

Proactive Attendance Management Solution for HR Professionals

A simple, robust, and easy-to-use attendance solution for HR professionals. Our system provides real-time attendance information that helps HR track absenteeism and tardiness, enabling them to address attendance issues proactively.

track live routes of agents


Empowering Employees: A User-Friendly System for Transparent Attendance Tracking

A transparent, friendly companion for employees. With easy-to-use features, our system inspires employees to perform better and provides real-time attendance information that enables them to track their attendance records.

Field service agents

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