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We360.ai best desktime alternative

We360.ai is the best
Time Champ alternative!

Check out Time Champ features vs We360.ai features, comparison, customer reviews, pricing and other key factors to take the right decision.
  • Data Retention (3 weeks)
  • Wellness
  • Livestream
  • Activity
  • Active Directory
  • Reports (Automatic)
  • Timeline
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Serving 2000+ clients across 19 countries with 40,000+ users

Choose We360.ai- an employee monitoring solution that comes with an easy interface, complete project management, Insightful dashboards and accurate time tracking feature.

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"We360.ai - High productivity Delivered"

"We360.ai helped my organization gain a massive boost in productivity from the day we implemented this software. Our business's nature requires us to be online, work for tens of hours every day. This software developed a sense of internal competition amongst the colleagues and now their productivity is going through the roof. The productivity calculator has given a sense of achievement to my..."

Rahul S

“We have a hybrid workforce, now we are scaling our productivity and performance”

We have been following hybrid work culture in our organization for one year, and we360.ai is an excellent software helping us to managing the workflow and coordination among all the team members in all aspects. It has enabled us to reduce micromanagement and reporting calls for every small task. Also, it provides detailed reports ...

Ms. Arjita
Senior HR Manager

"We360.ai solved our biggest challenge working with remote teams"

Now, we easily simply create tasks and assign them to teams, see the progress in real-time, and we know how productive our each resource is. Moreover, as a business leader, I don’t have to chase my team for anything; the reports tell me what I need to know!
This solution not only made our teams productive but saved us money and time too!

Aditya B
100% Accurate, Assured Results

Workforce Analytics Software to Simplify your Work Processes

We360.ai Workforce Analytics Software

Actively disengaged employees cost $550 billion in lost productivity per year.

We360.ai Workforce Analytics Software

Employers who increase their employees’ engagement by 10% can boost profits by $2,400 per employee a year.

We360.ai Workforce Analytics Software

58% of enterprises indicated that HR Workforce solutions are expected to improve the employer user experience globally.

Data Retention (3 weeks)
Capture Frequency (live)
7 Days
Trial Period
14 Days
Screenshots (6 Per hour)
Project Management
Data Retention (6 Months)
Reports (Manual)
Admin Mobile App
Shift Management
Reports (Automatic)
Data Retention
Field Tracking
Active Directory
Location Filtering
AI-based insights
Quick User Import

( Import with CSV/XLS within Minutes)

299 /- INR
894 /-INR

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We360 vs Timechamp

Elevate your workplace productivity with we360.ai – the top alternative to TimeChamp. Unique features like extended data retention (3 weeks and 6 months), wellness tracking, Livestream collaboration, automatic reports, and an intuitive Timeline set we360.ai apart. Seamless integration with Active Directory ensures efficient user management, while enhanced activity tracking adds a dynamic touch. Make the switch to we360.ai for a streamlined, productive workplace experience.

One-Stop Solution for small teams, Hybrid or Remote teams, and Enterprise workforce

We360.ai best desktime alternative

Complete Employee management solution

  • We360.ai is the only solution you need for holistic employee management.
  • The full-fledged attendance and leave tracking, project management, and advance Employee tracking features can replace your multiple business software and save you a huge cost.
  • We360.ai is an Artificial intelligence-enabled tool to help your team stay organized, perform better so that you achieve your Revenue Goals.

End to End Project Management

  • With our easy project management feature, you can create and assign projects and tasks, in just a few clicks!
  • This feature allows you to track and identify the actual productive work hours spent by each employee.

  • The insightful project reports help you define feasible deadlines and optimize your project cost.
Desktime alternative
We360.ai best desktime alternative

Build a productive Work-culture

  • With We360.ai you can establish a thriving work culture by helping your teams manage time productively.
  • The insightful reports and dashboards allow you to find gaps in the team’s performance and plan a better approach.

  • Easy-to-navigate features and world-class support help your remote/hybrid or freelance team adopt the system smoothly.

Why We360.ai is trusted by 10,000s of Businesses across the Globe?

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— More features of we360.ai —

With We360.ai, you get all at one place


Use screenshots to analyze work time utilization and identify opportunities for improvement.

100+ Reports

To determine employee productivity trends, use dynamic reports to analyze data over time.


Get alerts regarding application usage or instances of unproductive app or URL

Live stream

See employee's activity in real-time: current applications, duration of use , and active status.

Mobile Access

Use the iOS and Android mobile app to access and analyze data from anywhere you want.

Project & Task

Manage projects effectively: Create, assign, prioritize tasks and track progress with our dashboard.

Awards and Recognition

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