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For Small to Medium sized businesses

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automated attendance feature



Access a centralized dashboard for a quick overview of employee activities.

Easily visualize and analyze employee work patterns. Make informed decisions to optimize workflow.

Highlight trends and patterns to identify areas for optimization and efficiency improvement

productivity measurement feature



Keep track of employee activities in real-time.

Improves productivity by identifying areas for optimization.

Identify where time is being utilised or wasted

activity measurement feature



Capture screenshots at regular intervals for detailed monitoring.

Visual evidence of employee activities, aiding in quality control and ensuring compliance.

Improve accountability and remote management with clear records of work at

wellness360 feature



Customize monitoring settings to suit your preferences.

Visual evidence of employee activities, aiding in quality control and ensuring compliance unique needs and preferences.

Improves brand image by making it more attractive to top talent.

reports feature


With Uncountable Reports

100+ meaningful reports to tell you the work and employee productivity tale.

A single centralised source of employee data and insights

Lessen manual efforts and saves time managing employee data

Get everything covered, from employee attendance, activity, to productivity mobile app


With Mobile App

Get a birds-eye view of employees’ daily performance and task completion on the mobile app even when not in the office.

Get real-time employee updates anytime you want

Analyze employees’ work across the office, hybrid, and remote teams

Check it from any device: iOS, Windows, and Android