Why do you need Stealth mode in employee monitoring software and how it works?
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Why do you need Stealth mode in employee monitoring software and how it works?

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The internet, social media, and emails are among the top distractions that kill workforce productivity

But wait…aren’t these three essentials for business? How can a business even thrive without emails or the internet in this digital world?

The answer is: leverage the best out of them and define boundaries to restrict your employees from falling for distractions.

Stealth mode in employee monitoring software can exactly help you achieve this goal. It further ensures that your employees stay productive and become more conscious of their activities.

Interesting, isn’t it?

This article will assist you to understand more about Stealth mode in employee monitoring software and why companies need this mode. So, keep reading…

What is Stealth mode in Employee Monitoring Software?

Stealth Mode is an additional feature of an employee monitoring solution that works exactly like a monitoring software but tracks employees’ activities in a concealed manner.

This mode doesn’t need any input from the user; as it runs on an auto mode as soon as the user starts the computer.  Hence, the reports provide you with accurate data regarding application usage, idle time, productive hours, Live-screen monitoring, and much more.

In addition…

  • Stealth mode has proven to cut down data theft issues by 74% for clients.
  • Stealth monitoring works in the background till the time computer is on.
  • The admin of the system has the right to enable/disable the Stealth mode and access reports. Hence, users cannot access or alter the captured data.
  • This feature has helped companies to increase employees’ productivity by 63%.

Is Stealth mode against the Privacy Law?

This is the obvious question that troubles a business owner when they think of implementing Stealth mode in employee monitoring software.

Let us clarify this one for you no, using Stealth mode is not against the privacy law, provided you only install the employee monitoring software in the company-owned systems.

As laptops/desktops are companies’ assets, using Stealth mode is within the purview of the company’s right to ensure that assets are used for business purposes only.

Moreover, Employee monitoring software is legal to use for companies that are using it to monitor the employees. And, stealth mode is just a feature of employee monitoring software that makes discreet tracking possible and it’s within the company’s right to use.

The only difference between the two, however, is that stealth mode may or may not notify the user about the tracking.

The key point to consider while opting for Stealth mode is that the employees’ personal computers are not the company’s assets and certainly using this software is a privacy breach. Hence, it is not an ethical practice.


Why does your Business need Stealth Monitoring software?

1. Keep remote or Hybrid team Productive

The raving pandemic has disrupted the existing work culture and demands of businesses to prepare for a more flexible work culture. It’s even more evident from the recent backlash in Top companies, that more people prefer to work from home.

In that case, the biggest hurdle for companies is – how do we track employees’ productivity?

Employee monitoring software is the need of the time as it makes it easy for companies to adjust to the new hybrid work culture.

With the Stealth mode in employee monitoring software, you can quantify the productive and idle hours of an employee, check daily performance, monitor the application usage, and much more.

The We360.ai- employee monitoring software reports allow businesses to analyze employees’ productive and unproductive behavior and guide them to be more efficient at work.

 So, no matter where employees work from, you can ensure that your company asset is used for business purposes only and that your team performs.

2. Minimize Cyber-loafing

Cyber-loafing is basically using a company’s internet access for personal use while simply pretending to work. As a business owner, if you have been ignoring this concern or rather accepted it as normal; then we enlighten you with some data.

A study shows that 69% of employees waste productive time every day and 64% browse non-work-related websites. It also says that 29% of employees waste around 1-2 hours, 32% waste more than 2 hours a day in cyberloafing.

Now, if you do a little calculation here, you can imagine the significant work-hour and subsequently the revenue your company loses, every single day.

Stealth monitoring can be a savior here as it blocks non-work-related websites and gives you real-time screenshots of your employees’ systems.

Now, you can better check what your team is working on and if they need some guidance to be efficient.

3. Reduce Data theft cases


A data breach can bring down your company’s credibility, reputation and ultimately you can lose your customer’s trust.

The prime reasons for data theft are malicious and accidental insiders and with Stealth monitoring software you can significantly lower the chances of both causes.

As stealth software comes with domain blocking, Application usage tracking, and Live-user stream features that restrict the malicious site usage and report your teams’ actions.

These insights can help you find such an incidence at the initial stage and take proactive measures to cease it.

4. Find potential Loopholes

Today it’s the distraction that causes productivity loss but tomorrow your business could face new challenges.

The stealth or employee monitoring software both are implemented to find more such potential loopholes beforehand and take corrective measures from time to time.


If you are looking for Employee Monitoring Software with Stealth mode, check out We360.ai software, a one-stop solution that comes with a plethora of useful features to streamline your employee tracking efforts.

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