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View Productivity Trends Organization-Wide

We360.ai gives you visibility into how people are utilizing time and are productive, working wisely and aligned with business goals when working remotely. Categorize work by adding labels to get meaningful work data and know if the employee is involved in productive, unproductive and neutral work.

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Understand Employee Work Habits

Check what your remote employees are doing at any point of the day by monitoring their moves based on mouse clicks, mouse movements and key presses. See when they are actively working and away from their screens by identifying idle time and active time.

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Monitor Employee Presence With One-Click

Track when your remote workforce punch in and punch out, when they are away or on break, and how much time they actually spent working after logging in. With login details, our automated attendance system helps you organize employee attendance, leaves, and shifts.

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Acquire Live Vision of Every Screen

Forget about constant check-ins. Identify distractions and time utilization of your employees no matter whether they are working from anywhere. Capture fixed-interval snapshots to evaluate work completed over time.

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Evaluate Accuracy of Work

When working remotely, it is tedious to track your employees' browsing details in real-time. With We360.ai, you can monitor which apps and websites your remote workers are using during their working hours. Effortlessly know if there are any non-work-related apps used with their frequency and time duration.

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Analyze Everything With Uncountable Reports

Attendance, activity and productivity, analyze every detail with our 100+ meaningful downloadable reports.

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"Remote working made my business grow faster than I was hoping for, all because of We360.ai"

"Most Preferable Software if you Have Remote Team"


Ekta K.


"This tool helps me to Track my Freelancer & Remote Employees' Attendance, Productivity & Screenshot"


Shivam S.

Senior Manager

How We360.ai Benefits Employees Working Remotely

We360.ai employee portal is like a hassle-free self-work evaluator. Where employees can log in to show their presence remotely, manage and add tasks, and check their growth with activity and productivity measurements.

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