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We360.ai is Celebrating a special day this week!

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Hi, my name is Arnav Gupta, CEO at We360.ai. This is a special week for our whole team and I wanted to share a bit with you today.

Exactly a year back, my team and I were excited (and equally nervous) as we were launching our Brainchild Product-We360.ai in the Indian and international markets.

Now, when I look back at the journey, I feel grateful for businesses that trusted us, my team, and the product we have created.

Here is the We360.ai’s journey I want to share on its 1st birthday. (It’s an interesting story, so stay with me.)

And, as a token of love for our clients, we have a special offer for them towards the end.

Happy to call We360.ai- lockdown Brainchild

I was studying at the University of Wollongong, Australia when lock-down happened in the country. 

From the safety aspect, online classes were made available. So, I came back to India, continued virtual classes, and side by side started helping my father manage We Win Limited.

Soon nationwide lockdown was announced in India as well, and all our employees were given work from home option.

Like many other businesses, it was a new concept for our company too and we had our own share of struggles to ensure that employees actually work during work from home.

I remember talking to our managers on zoom calls to figure “How do we ensure that client’s projects are delivered on time? Why are people so unproductive at home? “

Moreover, when will normalcy be restored, this was another stressful question.

I thought to myself, “what if there is a tool that can track and tell us what an employee is doing during work hours, it would save us from so much stress. And we can plan our next step to improve it”.

It was my aha moment.

I decided to leave my university early and dedicate myself to building this phenomenal product – We360.ai, that will make managing remote or hybrid workforce without much effort.

Meet our Core team

We started the product development in August 2020 and the product was ready for beta release in October 2020.

My idea was thrilling for Sandeep Panda and Swapnil Tripathi, who are our CTO and CRO  in our Journey respectively, and proudly part of our core team.

We had our own share of thick and thin. But at last, we made it through!

Here are some statistics to show that we did a pretty well job in the past year:

  • Signed 300+ clients
  • System track 5,000+ daily users
  • Our system captured 2.5 crore screenshots 
  • 15 crore application logs are tracked

(If you are interested to know more about We360.ai, get in touch with our sales team here)

Here is a brief timeline of our journey so far:

Meet our people who make We360.ai successful every day

Be it sales, marketing, customer success, or our tech team, we have hand-picked each talent. 

At We360.ai, we look for people who are passionate, values integrity, and have the zeal to learn and grow. That’s it, rest you can learn with time and experience. 

Luckily, our people connect with our vision and deliver their best to make We360.ai a National and International success.

We value our employees for their team spirit hence, ensure that they get enough opportunities to grow, learn and of course- make the most of the recreation activities with the whole heart.

(Surprisingly, all of them love the monthly picnics and have a knack for pool games.)

As much as I am thankful to our clients for our product success, I am grateful to my amazing team for their hard work.

Our Birthday Gift to you

We are launching our first Referral Program exclusive for our existing clients.

This program works like this– as our client, you can refer your business leader friends to try We360.ai. And, if they decide to buy, they get an additional 10% discount.

Here is what you get- you earn a 25% discount on every We360.ai subscription billing for the next 12 months.

If you got any questions, contact your account manager for more details.

With this, I hope that We360.ai and you grow hand in hand. 

For many happy years ahead, 

Yours truly, 

Arnav Gupta

CEO, We360.ai

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