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Explore the time tracking parameters to boost employee performance

Get Definitive Proof of Work With Activity Tracking gives you a detailed analysis of employees’ activity. Activity is basically work calculated over time which is measured based on mouse movements, mouse clicks and key presses made by the user. Analyze every user activity with-

  • Working Time
  • Active Time
  • Idle Time
  • Offline Time

Evaluate the Relevance of Work With Productivity Tracking

Make space for work that matters by tracking productivity over time. Mark productivity trends for your organization by creating your work labels based on relevant, irrelevant, and informational or neutral work. Our software helps you calculate productivity over time by providing-

  • Productive Time
  • Unproductive Time
  • Neutral Time

Know About Employee attendance in One-Click has an automated attendance system that covers user punch-in time, leaves, and overall attendance with predefined filters allowing you to access and compare the present data with the previous one. By analyzing employee time schedules identify -

  • Average Working Time
  • Break Trend
  • Late Arrival Tendancy

Get Precise App & Website Usage Insights

Manual app usage and time tracking can be tedious. Get a detailed view of the top apps & websites your employees use or spend time working on. Know if there are any non-work-related apps used and for how long in a few seconds. makes app time tracking insightful, automatic, and effortless by identifying -

  • App Usage Frequency
  • App Usage Duration
  • Block Non-work related Domains


Let’s see what industry leaders has to say

You are not alone; the misery of trying to keep track of all time spent is real.

"Our productivity has grown by at least 50% after deploying We almost increased the frequency of our appointment bookings in less than 2 months, and recovered all costs within 2 months"
Sachin Jaiswal, HR & Admin
"I've improved as a manager after adopting into my organisation. I am able to distribute workload based on my team’s working health."
Sagar Patil, IT Manager
Mind Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"More than 100 members of my team work from remote places post-covid. Without, keeping track of their time and attendance would be nearly impossible."
Arun Kumar, DGM
Uber9 Business Process Services Pvt Ltd.

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