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Monitor and mentor your employee’s productivity.
  • A simple productivity tracker monitoring software to save you productivity time. 
  • With employee productivity tracker software get real-time analytics within 10 mins of setting up.
  • Eliminate distractions with We360.ai Employee Productivity Monitoring Software.
  • With a 25% instant hike in employee efficiency, get high ROI. 

15000+ users in more than 7 countries use We360.ai to Enhance their Productivity at the Workplace!

Be Watchful in 3 Simple Steps

We360.ai Productivity Parameters

productivity and Analytics

Get a Live Vision 

Livestream Feature

With employee productivity tracker access employee real-time work analytics with our live stream dashboard. This feature enables the admin to check live snapshots and the current application used.

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Tailor made Metrics for Departmental Wise Productivity

W3360.ai Mobile App to track productivity

We360.ai helps you analyze productivity wisely. With our productivity mapping feature, create labels concerning your department’s work. Get employee productivity covered in every respect using productivity mapping. 

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App usage

No Manual Time or Work Tracking

how to monitor employee productivity

With employee productivity tracking software know your employee’s productivity index by monitoring user activity based on key presses, mouse clicks and mouse movements. With our productivity tracking software, get to know if an employee is actually working or just keeping busy by his activity status - active, idle, inactive.

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Save Time Managing Reports

Report Feature

We360.ai work from home productivity tools has around 100+ meaningful reports to tell you the work and employee productivity tale. You get everything covered in reports starting from employee attendance, activity, to productivity.   

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Latest mobile app

We360.ai Productivity Tracking Assistants


Get a graphical representation of employee attendance change over time.

Live Snapshots

Fixed-interval snapshots to analyze time utilization while working.


Get alerts regarding application usage or instances of unproductive app or URL browsing by any employee.

Shift Management 

Manage employee work schedules in multiple shifts seamlessly.

Quick User Import

Get your user in with just a click and upload user data in CSV format.

Mobile Access 

Access and analyze with your mobile app, even if not in office, using both iOS and Android platforms.

Observe and Analyse

Perfect Solution for Remote Teams

Evaluate Employee performance in few steps

What if one of your employees working remotely seems to be sitting next to you? It would definitely bring you a sigh of relief as monitoring the remote workforce is a quite common hurdle for managers. 

Simple, precise tracking and proof of work from We360.ai determine whether they are productive or unproductive. So, why not take our Demo. 

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"A manager’s best friend!"

I like being able to oversee and monitor my team's everyday operations from afar while being completely hands-off. We360.ai keeps track of everything and makes it easy to access it. The information provided is simple to comprehend.We are a remote work environment, thus it fills the void left by our decision to become completely remote.



Senior Manager

“Track Employee Productivity!"

This tool can assist you in tracking the activity of your employees and allowing you to coach them. This solution is worth considering if you're searching for a low-cost tool that can do practically everything you need in terms of productivity and monitoring. It will help you dramatically boost the productivity in your company. 


Philip L


"Look no further, it's the gold standard!"

We360.ai assures that home-based workers arrive at their workstations on time and perform what they are meant to do throughout their working hours. The awareness that they are being tracked has led to a significant increase in the productivity. 


Max Shel

Team Lead

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