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Measure Employee Productivity

Productivity Measurements v1

Measure your employee productivity easily.

In our software, you can easily allot tasks or projects to employees. Then you can define the timelines given to them. Then you can see a record of timelines, screenshots, and urls visited by employees. Once the project or task is completed, our system gives a productivity percentage of the employee. For example, if an employee gets the productivity percentage of 80%, then there is a 20% improvement scope in the next task and projects.


  • Productivity monitoring is very critical to increasing your company’s profits
  • Measure each employee’s productivity and take corrective action in due course of the project instead of last-minute surprises
  • This also helps you prioritize the task given to employees as you can provide high priority tasks or projects to employees with higher productivity and vice versa.
  • This also helps in identifying productivity trends that can be replicated to increase productivity and thus increase profits.
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