How to Create a 100% Transparent Environment for your Employees?
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How to create a 100% transparent environment for your employees?

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According to the psychological law of working, a “Happy worker is a productive worker.” But the question is how to keep your employees happy to upscale their productivity. The answer is simple you have to build a truthful relationship with your employees. But another question is how to build a healthy relationship with your employees. The answer is simple again, provide a 100% transparent environment for your employees. But again, how?

Don’t worry, is here to answer all your questions. Psychology states that to build a healthy professional relationship, the foundation is trust. It is well said that trust is earned when action meets words, and respects and honours the employer-employee relationship. So, the software assists you to make your workspace 100% transparent by allowing the employer to seek access to the employee’s application usage during working hours. 

There are other features that offers to strengthen your relationship with your employees, and they are Viz:

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Capturing Screenshots

Employee Monitoring Software allows you to capture screenshots of your employee’s screen, and you can see what your employees have been doing. This way, your workspace will be a completely transparent zone, and the employer has access to stop capturing screenshots. To keep your employees happy, you first have to know them, and by using this feature, you can know their typing style or their working style.’s fundamental motive is to serve productivity and strengthen workplace relations. Because at the end of the day you spend most of your time working and if we are acquainted with the environment, it is a win-win for your productivity and the company’s growth.

Application Usage allows you to seek access to employees’ application usage. This feature allows the employer to see what application the employee is using, which helps the employer decide whether he is actually working. The application also helps the employer to track employee activity of the employee. For instance, an employee is tempted to use social media during his working hours, which affects his productivity. 

The employer can see that the employee is struggling to stay focused. He can help the employee stay focused by blocking the particular domain, which will make his employees stay productive and add to the employee’s personal growth.

Keep Your Workspace Close And Your Employees Happy

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Non-Biased Environment

Employee tracking tool allows you to create a non-biased environment where you can evaluate yours based on their real-time productivity. The application calculates the employee’s productivity by evaluating the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks. This way, the employer knows who is actually working and who is just killing time. makes your workspace a fair and truthful ground of judgement where the productivity percentage justifies itself. 

The application helps the employer to treat his employees justly, and employees can feel safe and validated in a non-biased environment. Making your workspace a fairground for everyone is one of the most significant steps to keep your employees happy. Is The Key To Effective Communication

If Negotiation can prevent wars, then effective communication can definitely strengthen a professional relationship. It is often said that communication is the key, and we can officially say that is the key to effective communication at the workplace. The employee tracking software  reduces the communication gap between the employees and the employer as the employee can apply for leave just by filling a form and without writing lengthy emails. 

The application also allows you to see updates on the project, saving ample time and making it easy for employers and employees to communicate. 

Automated Attendance’s automated attendance feature helps the employer to see when the employee has started working. The employee has to punch in to mark his attendance. As soon as the employee punches in, the tracking begins, and when the employee punches out, the tracking stops. Also, the tracking will continue when the employee’s system is offline, and all the data will be uploaded to once the internet connection is restored.

The fundamental motive of is to make work easier for both the employees and the employer. As stated, a happy worker is a productive worker, and helps make your employees happier. A survey says that 30% of the working population do not feel appreciated for their work because their hard work gets lost in the population of corporate work. But gives you a real-time analysis of each employee working in your company, making it easy for you to appreciate your productive workers. Never hesitate to appreciate your productive workers. helps you to monitor and mentor your employees.

Written by: Tanvi Kaushik

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