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How and Why Started?

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Ahh the gold old days! Things were going good , everything was working out in early 2020 , but as we all know then came the COVID and it changed our lives. COVID’s impact was so huge that it almost ruined economies of major countries and as you all know , work culture was impacted badly. Productivity was deprecated and the efficiency of all the major sectors
of the country took a major hit.

COVID had such a major impact that it almost destroyed the economy. Well we at WeWin were no different , we felt major changes in our day to day culture and it was very overwhelming for us. Due to nation wide lockdown , our employees at WeWin had to stay at home and work. WFH as we all call it today means work from home. Initially everything was
kind of working but soon the problems started to pop out , our efficiency of employees dropped since WFH was a very new concept for people who were used to work full time for past 10 years. Employees were having many difficulties working remotely since they did not know how to communicate efficiently , manage projects , give attendance and so on.

We at WeWin , realised that something has to be done to conquer this problem and hence the idea of came upon us. We decided that we need to create a product which can manage the employees efficiently and solve the problem of Punching IN & OUT of the office , it should be capable and reliable enough that it would allow employees to track their
projects , manage timesheets and even apply for leaves which the admin of the company can approve/reject.

With , the admins can see how many people in his organisation were present or absent , how much productivity or Idle time they were having while working , so basically admins or the senior employees can see everything about their organisation with one single software in the times of COVID-19. Life is so much easier with

Build to-dos, assign team members, and create your project budgets all with . Track project status and monitor control costs through the entire project’s lifecycle! All within one single software! Yes its that easy!

With , we have created an advanced Ai powered software which can effectively capture the screenshots of the employees at a fixed duration specified by the admin which will help the employers in tracking down the productivity of each employee. We at give utmost importance to our User’s privacy , that is why our servers are 100% encrypted
and secured. The tracking will stop after the user will punch out and the details captured during his working hours will only be visible to the admins.

Included with’s Desktop application , now your employees can simply download it and be on the go. They can update their daily tasks , project timeline , put attendance and request a leave. All within one single desktop application.

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