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We will provide you the data insights of your employees, and you can take decisions for the betterment of your company.
Installation guide
We promise to take 15 mins for completely installing the software for all your employees.
Troubleshoot app
Some common practices faced at the time of installation.


Introduction – is a tool to increase the productivity of the peoples working with you. The data insights you get in the software will help you to take decisions that will be beneficial for all. 

The software incurs a small setup, after that insights will start capturing in your admin account.

With that there is a long list of features that are developed to ease the monitoring work.

So valuable data and that too in a sequenced manner. Therefore, this tool can be a must use thing in your organization. 

The complete app have 2 interfaces. One is admin and next is employee. The admin will take control on the SaaS app/web app. The employee will take control on the desktop/laptop app.

Just ping us back and we will get you on board with us.

Do check the 15 minutes installation guide to start the monitoring. 

Installation guide – 

As is all about reducing the unnecessary work, so we promise to take only 15 minutes in installing the software in your complete organization. gets you started with a welcome email, this contains the credentials of your admin account. Use the credentials and login with this link – 

The welcome email also consists of the download link. So you share the download link for Windows, Mac, Linux with all your employees. Ask them to install the new app.

After logging in you get to see the dashboard. 

Thinking about what’s next????

Here the 15 minutes times starts – 

  • Go to “Users” located in the left sidebar of the account dashboard – 

  •  Click on “Add New User” button.
  • Fill the details

  • Once done the employee will receive the username and password via email.

That will be all. Now there is a small set up needed from your Employees end. You can share the download link for the application with your employees.

Thinking about what download link we are talking about?????

Your employee has to download the desktop/laptop app, where they will punch in and punch out. So you the admin needs to share the download link. 

You will find the download link in your admin account.

Go to the top right corner -> Click on the initial of your company name -:>. Click on downloads -. Copy the link and share with your employees.

Now the employee work starts – 

They will download the desktop/laptop app from the link you provide and login from the credentials they receive in the email.

Everything is done, now the monitoring starts 🙂

Note – The Punch in and Punch out is the mandatory thing to be done by your employees. Then only the admin will get the data insights.

The installation is done. If you have got over the process then you will find out that it is not even as big as this doc.

We have tried to explain all the points in this doc itself, If you need any further assistance feel free to ask.

Troubleshoot – 

The working of our software is based on desktop applications. The Employee login and punch in then only the monitoring starts.

But different systems have different configurations so sometimes you end up having troubles in installing the desktop app..

Here are some of the common practice errors. Still if things go out of the box then the dedicated support team will always be there to help.

Date and Time –  In most of the system the date and time is set to auto. But if there is a difference in the current time and in the time of your system then you will get the error.

If you get to see this error, then simply reset the date and time of your system and click on the reload button.

Older Version – We have started with version 1.0 then taken it up to the current one. When we update we make sure to notify all the admins, and in the desktop app a pop up is displayed to update the app.

But still you can miss the update. In this case you will not get proper results.

So always make sure you have the most updated version installed in your employees system.

The error message has the download button, so simply click on it and your version will be updated. If you do not get to see the updated version after that, then follow these simple steps – 

    1. Quit the older version app –

    1. Uninstall the older version from control panel –

  1. Then ask the admin to share the link.
    “Admin can check <””here>” how to get the download link.

    Download the app and install it in your system. Now you are all set to go.

Windows defender – For the desktop/laptop application we provide you the link in welcome email or you can get the links from your admin dashboard.

Since the app is not being downloaded from any app store then your OS defender will surely give you a pop-up for the foreign app installation.

All you need to do is Click on more info 

Then click on the run anyway button. This will immediately start the installation.

So this will be all with the common problems faced by users while installation. Still if you are unable to install then simply give a call to your dedicated success manager.
And all your issues will be resolved in minutes.

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