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Employee monitoring software
Employee monitoring software usage

Retain your performers, focus on business growth, be ahead of your competition.

Top Features

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

  • Measure Productivity Trends in real time
  • Increased profits
  • Data Security
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Improved performance
  • Assess workload distribution and burnout risks
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employee monitoring software snapshots
Employee monitoring software analytics
Real Time Analytics

Calculate Real-time productivity and Analytics employee monitoring software provide real-time insights with actionable analytics to enhance productivity and overall performance. And productivity and growth go hand in hand.

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Acquire Screenshots of Your Employees provides 100% transparency by capturing screenshots at fixed intervals of time.

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employee monitoring software snapshots
Employee monitoring software activity usage
Application Usage

App usage

Run a productivity check on your employees with App usage feature. App usage helps you pinpoint details of applications used by employees during working hours.

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Mobile Application

Latest mobile App

Always keep your organisation close but employees closer. With keep your office in your pocket and check your employee’s productivity whenever you want through a simple mobile application.

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employee monitoring software features
employee monitoring software Simple and real time analytics
Top Features

Observe and Analyse employee monitoring software lets you observe and analyse your employee’s performance by 20+ reports so that you can make the right decision.

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Your Privacy is our commitment

aws based privacy protection
Watch how helps to mentor and monitor your employees.

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  • Idle Time / Productive Time

“’s Productivity Feature”

We are now proactive with our Performance Management System like never before. Retention increased by 7%”


Rahul Singh Bais

General Manager,
Human Resources

“Automated snapshot magnifying transparency.”

The ability to see exactly what's going on the other side, the employee side, is so important during remote working. gives us the ability to see the screens in real-time. We're able to ensure that our employees are utilizing their time how they're supposed to, even remotely.


Manish Chaturvedi

Founder, Futor

“The Reports section of is revolutionary!”

The report section of shows Attendance, Time Tracking, Task Management and Productivity records distinctly and exhaustively. It’s just the perfect blend of the right amount of information and beautifully displayed infographics. I highly recommend


Jeff Robinson


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