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Lessen Manual Efforts

With Automated Attendance System

Record employee attendance in a hassle-free manner with a digital and automated attendance system.

Increased accuracy and efficiency in tracking attendance records.

Reduction in time and resources required for manual attendance taking.

Improved transparency and accountability in attendance monitoring.

Get Proven Results

With Productivity Measurement

Evaluate your employees’ productivity by creating labels concerning your department’s work.

Understand where an employee needs to improve and requires training

Improves productivity by identifying areas for optimization.

Identify where time is being utilised or wasted

Analyze Every Movement

With Activity Measurement

Know the course of employee activity and behaviour in real-time to optimise their operational efficiency and performance.

Understand employee work habits and time utilization patterns.

Identify when the employees are active, inactive, idle and offline during work hours

Achieve optimal resource allocation with data-driven insights provided by activity tracking

Discover About Employee Wellbeing

With Wellness360

Measure employees’ work health and occupancy by identifying their work status like if they are overworked, underutilised or healthy.

Reduce employee sick days and healthcare costs.

Enhance employee engagement and retention.

Improves brand image by making it more attractive to top talent.

Analyze Minute Employee Details

With Uncountable Reports

100+ meaningful reports to tell you the work and employee productivity tale.

A single centralised source of employee data and insights

Lessen manual efforts and saves time managing employee data

Get everything covered, from employee attendance, activity, to productivity

Untimely Remote Access

With Mobile App

Get a birds-eye view of employees’ daily performance and task completion on the mobile app even when not in the office.

Get real-time employee updates anytime you want

Analyze employees’ work across the office, hybrid, and remote teams

Check it from any device: iOS, Windows, and Android

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That’s it! You’ll now able to view real-time analytics

How does work?

Complete your setup in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Invite your team

Step 2

Your team punches in the employee module.

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That’s it! You’ll now able to view real-time analytics Partnership Programs

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