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Employee Monitoring Software to enhance your employee productivity

  • Starts at Rs. 185/- All Features Included.
  • 2-minutes setup including Live Training and Onboarding
  • Monitor and mentor your Employees Anytime.
  • User Live Stream
  • Take a 7-day free trial without registering your card details.


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Top Features

Calculate Real-time productivity and Analytics

We360.ai provide real-time insights with actionable analytics to enhance productivity and overall performance. And productivity and growth go hand in hand.

Top Features

Acquire Screenshots of Your Employees

We360.ai provides 100% transparency by capturing screenshots at fixed intervals of time.

application usage tracking

Top Features

App usage

Run a productivity check on your employees with App usage feature. App usage helps you pinpoint details of applications used by employees during working hours.

Top Features

Latest mobile app

Always keep your organisation close but employees closer. With We360.ai keep your office in your pocket and check your employee’s productivity whenever you want through a simple mobile application.

20 reports

Top Features

Observe and Analyse

We360.ai lets you observe and analyse your employee’s performance by 20+ reports so that you can make the right decision.


Your Privacy is our commitment


Watch how We360.ai

We360.ai helps to mentor and monitor your employees.


Starting from
Free for 7 days trail, No credit card
  • Attendance
  • Screenshots
  • 20+ Reports
  • Mobile App
  • Free Onboarding
  • Account Manager
  • Idle Time / Productive Time

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Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?

You can see this at the pricing page.

How much time will it take to use We360.ai?
The initial set up will take around 10 minutes for the admin and 3-5 minutes for the users of the software plus a few minutes to watch training videos. After that it takes very little time each day (a few minutes)
Can We360.ai monitor the websites that I or my team visit?
Yes. We360.ai’s reports will give you detailed insights into which websites are being used and for how long. You can access these reports online, and can also receive them weekly by email.
Is my data stored in a secure environment?

For We360.ai , Your privacy will always remain our utmost priority!

All communication to the server is secured by SSL encryption. The files on the server are encrypted to provide an extra level of security for company data. The servers are located in secure enterprise data center facilities with 24/7 monitoring and hosting support.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

We360.ai’s desktop application runs smoothly on MAC OS 10.11 and above, most Linux OS versions, all Windows computers with Windows 7 or later.

Can users record time when offline?

Yes We360.ai tracks work even when not connected to the Internet. The data will be uploaded to the Internet when the Internet connection is restored.

Are there any privacy concerns?

For the interactive version of the software, the software does not monitor anything on someone’s computer when they’re on a break or when they’re not working. So even people working from home can be comfortable knowing that they are not being monitored during their own time. Our position on privacy is that a company has the right to know what employees are doing during work hours, and have no right at all to know what they’re doing during breaks or after working.

How can I use We360.ai to ensure that my team is working productively?

We360.ai tracks the websites and applications used while people are working. Managers can receive a report with this information. Managers can also receive a report listing potentially “poor-time-use” websites such as Facebook, and how long they were used.

We360.ai can also take screenshots of your employees’ computers while they’re working (this is an optional feature). The process of reviewing these screenshots is extremely quick for a management or HR person. The software also tracks keyboard & mouse activity so you’ll know if people are using their computers when they say they are.

We360.ai also provides various online and email reports to management which provide additional information on how time is spent in your business

I don't need to ``monitor`` my team. Is there any benefit to this software?

Absolutely. About 20% of the benefits of the software come from the monitoring features. The other 80% come from empowering your staff to manage their own time more effectively, and from providing you with higher-level insights into how time is spent in your organization. These insights will enable to you improve processes in your business so that it runs more efficiently.

For example one major benefit is the ability to know not only which specific tasks your employees are working on, but also how much time is being spent on which projects/clients across your company. This allows for better future allocation of time, improves communication with your team, reduces the time spent in unnecessary meetings and a host of other benefits.

Does this software work for individuals?

Absolutely. Although some of We360.ai’s features are only relevant to teams and not individual users, many individual users do use We360.ai manage their own time more effectively. We360.ai will help you to know how long you’re spending on which tasks, and stay focused on what you should be working on.

Will I get resistance in my organization in implementing this software?

You might. The software requires change in behavior and it will become immediately obvious when people are wasting time. Some of your team may not like it and may resist it. Generally the hardest working and most productive people on your team will accept it because they can see the benefits it will provide to their productivity. Team members whom are keen to use this software to work from home, or to work flexible hours will also welcome the software.

How do I use We360.ai to see what my employees are doing?

You’ll see how time is being spent in your company:

  1. Task & Project Reports – These reports will show you which tasks & projects your people have worked on, and for how long. You can view these reports by logging into your We360.ai account online, or you can receive these reports by
  2. Screenshots (optional feature) – You can set up We360.ai to take screenshots of your employees computers and a time interval of your
  3. Other Reports – We360.ai has a variety of useful reports. One popular report is the “Websites and applications used” report – This report will show you how long your employees spent using which websites & applications while working. You can view this report online at anytime, or can choose to receive this report weekly by

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