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We360.ai tool enables organisations to organise tasks and manage teams and work effortlessly while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Identify Work Status

We360.ai tool gives managers and admin users access to a detailed view of employees’ daily performance and task completion on the go.

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Optimize Your Resources

With timely updates, the tool helps drive employee performance and potential.

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Live Dashboard

Capture real-time work

It’s tough to keep an eye on every movement while managing other tasks. Our live dashboard simplifies this problem by providing daily attendance, the latest snapshots, application tracking, and productivity trends all on a single dashboard.

  • Automated attendance
  • Top and bottom apps
  • Live snapshots
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Measure Productivity

Quantify the work

Always quantify your employees' work and reduce distractions by evaluating actual productivity in work time. Spotlight work patterns by identifying the relevance of work with our productivity parameters.

  • Productive time
  • Unproductive time 
  • Neutral Time
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Maintain work-life balance

Worklife Balance with We360.ai

Prioritize the work that matters most with our wellness parameter. This helps to create work-life integration by identifying employee work habits and balancing workloads across the teams.

  • Balancing workloads
  • Identify Underutilized resources
  • Reduce burnouts
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Project & Task Management

Manage work with numerous reports

Forget about constant check-ins. Identify distractions and time utilization of your employees no matter whether they are working from anywhere. Capture fixed-interval snapshots to evaluate work completed over time.

  • Assigned tasks
  • Work status
  • Resource engagement
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Real-Time Analytics

Capture Live Streaming

Get a detailed view of employees’ real-time activity and browsing details. Capture fixed-interval snapshots to analyze work via time utilization at any moment during the day. In real-time analytics, admins can view live snapshots, current application usage, and browsing time.

  • Live Snapshots
  • Application Tracking
  • Proof of Work
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Measure Attendance

Analyze Employee Presence

With We360.ai one-click punch-in, attendance tracking is convenient and hassle-free. Our automated attendance system displays present, absent and complete leave details on a single dashboard.

  • Attendance%
  • Half Days
  • Leaves
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Monitor Activity

Mark Every Movement

Always know how employees keep themselves engaged, by evaluating their work over time. The activity dashboard displays the activity levels of each employee based on mouse movements, mouse clicks and key presses. This evaluates the activity trend of an employee for a particular time with the following details:

  • Working Time
  • Idle Time
  • Offline Time
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Evaluate Productivity

Identify Work Relevancy

View productivity metrics for individuals and teams by creating work-related productivity labels. Measure employee productivity by knowing if the employee is involved in a relevant or irrelevant task in the working time. Get productivity measures with the following details:

  • Productive Time
  • Unproductive Time
  • Neutral Time
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Delve into Employee Monitoring App's Key Determiners

Build a future-fit workforce to meet modern needs. Our employee monitoring app is packed with features that enable organisations to organise tasks and manage teams and businesses effortlessly.


Work Planning & Analysis     

We360.ai app empowers managers, HR departments, and admin users with a hierarchy-based dashboard to quickly analyse employees’ performance on a granular level.


Work-Life Balance & Integration

Employee Monitoring App


A Rise in Productivity & Revenue

App features give a direct and safe space to organizations for improved efficiency, productivity and revenue.

Employee monitoring tool for multiple platforms

Become the most preferred employer to control data theft with Employee Monitoring Software.

We360.ai for Desktops

We360.ai employee monitoring tool lets you track a complete workday on your desktops and laptops from anywhere, anytime. You can check-

  • Live snapshots
  • Track application/URL
  • Identify work patterns
  • Track work time & idle time
  • Productivity trends
  • Access 100+ reports
  • Project & task tracking
  • And more..

We360.ai for Mobile Phones

 We360.ai mobile application enables you to have remote access on both Android and iOS platforms to get a birds-eye view of all employees' daily performance and task completion. You can check -

  • Real-time analytics
  • Activity monitoring
  • Productivity trends
  • Project & task tracking
  • And more.. 

Productivity Mapping of We360.ai!

The productivity tracking capacity is We360.ai’s finest feature. Activity logs are extremely useful for establishing what an agent was up to at any particular time. It aids in the preparation of reports as well as providing a better understanding of how an employees’ productivity is progressing.




“Automated snapshot magnifying transparency.”

The ability to see exactly what's going on the other side, the employee side, is so important during remote working. We360.ai gives us the ability to see the screens in real-time. We're able to ensure that our employees are utilizing their time how they're supposed to, even remotely.


Manish Chaturvedi

Founder, Futor

“The Reports section of We360.ai is revolutionary!”

The report section of We360.ai shows Attendance, Time Tracking, Task Management and Productivity records distinctly and exhaustively. It’s just the perfect blend of the right amount of information and beautifully displayed infographics. I highly recommend We360.ai


Jeff Robinson


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