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Employee Monitoring System

Employee Monitoring System for Measuring Employee Productivity

Intelligent analytics calculated using cutting-edge, internally developed algorithms to produce incredibly precise findings
We360.ai productivity monitoring software

Employee Monitoring System


productivity healthy?

Create a productivity and label mapping setup in the employee monitoring system to acquire precise productivity statistics right away!

We360.ai Productivity monitoring software feature
  • Using Employee monitoring system you can categorize URLs with the help of label mapping. Examples include labelling Zoom and Google Meet as "meetings" and WhatsApp as "chat and messaging." This also assists in labelling not relevant platforms as “unproductive”. 
  • You may designate a website or application as productive, unproductive, or neutral depending on the department's needs.
  • If one of your employees is working on a markedly productive programme or URL, they are considered productive; otherwise, they are labelled as unproductive or neutral.

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