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Employee Monitoring Software – Everything You Need To Know

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Innovation and you.
You might have heard this, but “innovation and you” don’t really go hand in hand. History is evident when Vasco Digama started his voyage; He was called a fool. However, when he discovered India, he was applauded.
Humans are not very adaptive to change. But, when the chance turns into a new lifestyle, then not even the sky is the limit. Similarly, the year 2020 was a complete change of lifestyle for the entire globe. Where We360.ai has been a major part of the changing lifestyle. We360.ai’s job was to ease the workload of employees working from home. 

Before the pandemic struck the word, remote working was only mentioned in books. Most of us were unaware of the concept of working from home. However now, we are just looking for tools to make this approach worth it. So, let’s dive into the ocean of Employee Monitoring Software, where we improve your productivity without hindering your privacy

Splash! Welcome To The Ocean Of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software is an efficient approach to tracking the activities of the employees that companies utilize for several reasons. The Employee Monitoring Software helps the company to prevent and locate confidential information breaches, improve worker engagement, and optimise disorganised task flows.

Assuming from how the human brain works. The fundamental understanding of Employee Monitoring Software can be quite negative; However it only sounds negative but it is a win-win for everyone
Of course, we live in the era of trust issues and con artists where privacy-concerns is basic mindset. One factor will always stay constant in work from home or work from an office that you have to get your work done. And as human psychology works, it is proven that humans are 60% more efficient workers when observed. Then who are we to fight the facts.

However, there is a very thin line of trust between privacy tracking software and productivity-increasing software. Trust plays the most crucial role in framing the mindset of an employee. Let’s swim deep into the detailed concepts of the Employee Monitoring System.

In The World Of Variety Let's See The Types Of Employee Monitoring Software

As we all know that human wants are unlimited and between these wants human craves for variety which our Employee Monitoring Software offers:

Telephone sound – In the era of i-phones and androids, Employee Monitoring Software offers telephone sound. Telephone sound surveillance offers observation of employees’ web and phone communication to illustrate – messages and calls. 

Worker monitoring package – A package that tracks and records each employee’s activity during working hours, productivity trends, attendance records, keypresses, and mouse clicks including leave management, screen monitoring, and everything you can imagine. The software will only strengthen the trust bond between the employees and the employer. 

Keylogger – The software allows the company to record the keystrokes on the keyboard. More the number of keypresses, more the percentage of productivity. It can be a really great opportunity for an enterprise whose work is based on entering the data.

Location observation – The software allows the company to access the user’s primary location.

Email observation –  The software allows employers to keep a check on employees’ emails. This can prevent the breaching of sensitive information.

Ever Wondered Why Do Companies Employee Monitoring Software?

If Newton never asked why the apple fell from the tree? Then humankind would be unaware of the concept of gravity. It is important to ask why? So, why?

Why do companies need Employee Monitoring Software? All these questions are basic but important. And answers to all these questions will help you to frame your decision. But each question you ask is one step closer to your goals. We keep your goals organised and your employees productive.

Manage and assign tasks effortlessly

1. Business Goals Organiser

 Before investing in an Employee Mentoring Software, you might have a bunch of questions like Will Employee Monitoring Software fit in the requirement of the business? Will the software help your company to boost productivity? Will the software techniques are updated and relevant to my business?
All these questions are basic but important. And answers to all these questions will help you to frame your decision. But each question you ask is one step closer to your goals. We keep your goals organised and your employees productive.

2. The overall quality of the software

The best choice offers you an overall business process covered, curtail cost and concurrently boost productivity in the workplace, improve the scope of business planning, track system activity trends, and perform a modernized investigation process in case of an emergency.

3. Well acquainted with legal requirements

The law recognizes various reasons why an employer might want to monitor their personnel and sets out principles for carrying out such monitoring. Tracking laws vary by country or state. However, despite the differences, they have somethings in common. You must figure out that the company is legally established and keep its records securely. All license and certificate must be examined properly. 

How Is Employee Monitoring Software Advantagious For Your Company?

1.Need A Record Keeper: Employee Monitoring Software Is At Your Service

When you march down with wide working force, there comes a  huge data base and with that comes the responsibility to keep a record. Irrespective of reports a company have to arrange the data securely to make the optimum usage of that in future.

 We360.ai,  offers an administrator can easily organize reports according to department, time and productivity. A full and detailed description is provided to the employer that will enable him to make effective decisions about the employee as an asset or liability. Then the employee can take action based on the results, and develop better strategies for his employees.

2. Need To Analyse Real-Time Productivity: Employee Monitoring Software Is At Your Service

we360.ai offers real-time analyzes of the used applications, the total usage time and the active status. This feature is one of the most powerful monitoring function that simplifies viewing and takes monitoring to the next level.

Monitor and mentor your employees.

Can Employee Monitoring Software Be challenging?

You can't run a company without challenges..So do Employee Monitorign Software

1. Our Company Doesn't Trust Us. Or Do They?

If a company is keeping track of their employee’s it doesn’t mean that they don’t trust their employees. It is more like a parent keeping check on their children. Parent keep a check on their children because they care about them not because they don’t trust them.

Also, We360.ai measures productivity with a proper analysis of your activities. Like keystrokes and mouse clicks, these parameters are reliable and embedded in the trust of the user.

2. And It's Legal!

As a working company is it the company’s responsibility to shield the records and facts of your employees. To make you believe in this concept, We360.ai saves the information in an encrypted shape that can simplest be assessed via excessive system language and only admins can access the information.

Congratulations! You Made It To The Shore Of The Ocean Of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software works for both the employees and the employers. The software understands and nurture needs of everyone. And it is a win-win for everyone.

We360.ai has already begun its journey in the advancement of Employee Monitoring Software. With amazing features like real-time productivity tracking, attendance records, snapshot, domain blocking, application usage and lots more.

We ensure that We360.ai‘s award-winning platform will be the best choice for your company.

Why don’t you have a free 7-day trial or a demo with complete user assistance and a comprehensive admin dashboard?


Written by: Vatsal Makhija

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