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  • Monitor and mentor your Employees Anytime.
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Top Features

Get Real-time productivity insights and Analytics

We360.ai employee monitoring App provide real-time insights with actionable analytics to enhance productivity and overall performance. And productivity and growth go hand in hand.

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Top Features

Acquire On screen activities of Your Employees

We360.ai provides 100% transparency by capturing screenshots at fixed intervals of time.

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Employee monitoring app features
Employee monitoring App usage
Top Features

Application usage

Run a productivity check on your employees with We360.ai app usage feature. App usage helps you pinpoint details of applications used by employees during working hours.

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Top Features

We360.ai Mobile employee monitoring app

Always keep your organisation close but employees closer. With We360.ai keep your office in your pocket and check your employee’s productivity whenever you want through a simple mobile application.

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We360.ai mobile Application
employee monitoring app reports
Top Features

Identify and analyze

We360.ai lets you observe and analyse your employee’s performance by 20+ reports so that you can make the right decision.

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Your Privacy is our commitment

aws based privacy protection
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Be a mentor and a monitor of your employees.

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Free for 7 days trial, No credit card required

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Screenshots
  • 20+ Reports
  • Real time analytics
  • Free Onboarding
  • 24X7 Customer support.
  • Calculate Productivity

The productivity in my office has never been better!

The productivity feature provided in We360.ai has completely changed the outlook of productivity in my business. With We360.ai I am up-to-date with the quality of work of my employees. 


Martin M


Employees are happier than ever!

We360.ai employee monitoring app not only enables employees to have a better and renewed work life balance, it also helps them create a more autonomous work place. All the employees are happy that they can organize tasks according to their needs and importance of the task without being micromanaged.


Rajesh P


Amazed by the automated snapshots!

The automated screenshots are the perfect method for me and my employees to maintain a transparent workplace. The usage of these snapshots has helped me resolve any issues with my employees’ productivity. It cuts down on anti-productive conduct and wastage of company resources. 




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