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Elaborated Pros and Cons of Employee Tracking Software

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So, what’s your company’s approach towards creativity and innovation? Are you an employer, who’s confused between whether to acquisition the employee monitoring in the enterprise or not?   Well, in our opinion it’s mandatory to implement these practices in today’s era where each organization is acquiring the quality to work remotely. After the pandemic, things have taken a drastic change. More and more employers are hiring enthusiastic professionals to work from them at the ease of their homes. They’re making these offers tempting enough for them that they can’t even imagine saying no. We are sure, that your company must’ve adapted the work from home approach too, during the crisis. So, throw back to that moment when you were facing trouble while tracking your employees’ progress. Wasn’t it a frustrating and tedious job to perform? At that time, the particular solution was not available and such a concept wasn’t even existing but now it does and we suggest you make the optimum use of it for sure! Moving up next, in this blog, we’ll help you out in making up your mind by spreading awareness about the pros and cons of employee monitoring software. Before we start, let’s look at the main reason why an employee should prefer employee monitoring software.  

Reasons to prefer Employee Monitoring Software

According to a survey, the most prominent reason for adapting the employee monitoring software is to protect the organisation from Malware, phishing scans, unacceptable behaviour, visiting inappropriate websites, liability management, and breaching of sensitive information.

In this way, Admins can limit the counterproductive work behaviours and implement various strategies to boost the workflow, they can also put barriers on using the system for personal usage, is the employee loyal to the organisation, not breaching any important data to other, uploading data to any dangerous cloud storage accounts or any other reason such that it directly affects the firm.

Now, let’s begin with our Listicle on Pros of employee monitoring software

Pros Of Employee Monitoring Software

In this section, we’ll look forward to the pros of using an Employee Monitoring Software and why an employer should adopt it.

Enhances Time-Efficiency

Whenever an employee goes for a lunch break or any other casual break then they might take a few extra times unnecessarily which is impermissible. To avoid such situations, an employer can successfully track the amount of time, deployed for such casual activities.

The admin can restrict them from unnecessarily wasting time. Talking about attendance it’ll completely eliminate the practice of buddy punching, that means co-worker punching on behalf of them when they aren’t present for work.

As there will be entire transparency, invalid exaggeration of surplus time implemented on tasks will not be entertained.

Let’s take an instance, consider a data entry employee. He/she must stick to their computer and provide vital key-presses and mouse movements but if we aren’t receiving such employees feedback for a very long time. Then we can conclude that the certain employee is engaged in the time-theft.

Improves Employees' Productivity

If there’s a particular person, allocated to monitor each employees’ productivity manually then it’s obvious that the company’s reachability will bounce higher. As a regulatory body is present to monitor and take progress reports at instants.

The same work is done automatically by an Employee Monitoring Software, this software is programmed in such a way that it can Track all the productive and unproductive work performed by an individual.

Wouldn’t that be so convenient for you too? That you just open the dashboard and read the intuitive graphs, portraying the company’s productivity.

Certain measures that come really handy by using this software are that it helps to monitor the internet usage for excessive un-productive browser activity, helps to identify the bandwidth hogs that reduce the network performance, Analyze productivity trends to frame innovative strategies, and provide the leaders like HR, manager or chief executive with a benchmark that can be later used as a part of an Employee Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

Improves Cyber Security

Employee Monitoring Software is very useful when it comes to ensuring that employees are using company systems safely and handling vital information in such a manner that it’s compliant with the company’s security policies.

If an employee is visiting unauthorized cloud storage pages then it can be restricted by the employer’s end. One alluring feature, which is appreciated by many employers is that Employee Monitoring Software helps to monitor application usage and can be monitored for dangerous unauthorised applications like pirated software. Intellectual belongings and different touchy statistics can be closely monitored at some point in an offboarding manner to save you theft.

Moving to the next segment, we have the Cons of Employee Monitoring Software.

We360.ai makes cyber security your priority.

Cons of Employee Monitoring Software

In this section, we’ll make you aware of the actual limitations of using the Employee Monitoring Software. With proper balance, you can choose to go for an employee monitoring software or not.

Monitoring our employees directly creates an impact on their privacy, workplace culture and morale.

Employee's Workplace Privacy

As we’re living in a privacy-conscious world, Employees’ may have some concerns like When they’re using their work computer for personal tasks, the monitoring software can capture personal details such as identity, personal browsing habits, religious beliefs, and health concerns.

Employees may fear that knowledge is being used unfairly or that their activity data creates a bias that affects their careers and Automated screenshot capturing software will capture everything on their screens but to clear things out.

Let’s give you an instance, We360.ai allows their employees to stop sharing their screen by their end. If and only when they’re operating from their own personal computer. Thus, to create a better responsible relationship with one’s employees.

Impacts on user's morale

“Employers must not use tech to control and micromanage their staff. Monitoring toilet breaks, tracking, and snooping on staff outside working hours creates fear and distrust. And it undermines morale.”

Employees’ can assume several instances like, they’re at risk of being fired or otherwise unfairly evaluated based on the data collected, it may create a sense of stressful condition for them. Also, they might consider that Monitoring activity facts aren’t a dependable standalone productiveness metric. Employees who aren’t pretty evaluated with different applicable metrics will develop to loathe their employer’s tracking practices.

Don’t worry, to ensure this We360.ai measures the productivity with proper analysis of their activities. Such as key-presses and mouse clicks. These parameters are reliable and integrated with the user’s trust.

Fear of Misuse or Breach of Sensitive Employee Data

A successful employee monitoring strategy requires a clear understanding of the company’s goals and how the data collected is used to achieve them. Collecting employee data for one purpose and using it for another can lead to data protection violations and serious moral impacts. Authorities need to be loyal to their employees.

They might think that the employer will use this information or their internet search history to blackmail them or create gossips with other coworkers. If employees cannot trust that their data is adequately protected, they can feel unsafe using work computers. This uncertainty can lead them to seek employment elsewhere.

To ensure your trust in this concept, We360.ai saves the data in an encrypted form which can only be assessed through high machine language and can not be shared with anyone unless and until the admin’s and provider command them to.

Concluding Now!

We hope that now you’re comfortable with the Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring Software. No matter what form of job you have, the organisation constantly expects its personnel to be effective for their jobs. Keeping track of worker productiveness performs a crucial function in the product improvement and increase of your business.

It’s obvious that some pros and cons will be there but you must select the best organization that powers you in providing an effective solution for the same. We ensure that We360.ai‘s award-winning platform will be the best choice for your company.

Why don’t you have a free 7-day trial or a demo with complete user assistance and a comprehensive admin dashboard?

Thank you for being with us the whole time, we value your patience a lot. Reach out for any sort of assistance at any time.

Written by: Vatsal Makhija

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