Our new feature “Health360” – All you need to know

We360.ai is an employee monitoring software which helps managers to track employees, manage their work, gain insights into the employee productivity, leave and attendance management. Being a SaaS tool we keep on adding newer features every now and then to assist our clients further ease on to their work. The best part is that any new update by we360 is available to all its previous clients at no extra cost. The latest in line is “Health360” an innovative feature which allows for a complete utilization of resources within your team. Lets understand in detail what is this feature and how can you make the best use of it to manage employees and enhance their productivity plus the organisation’s revenue.

What is Health360?

Health360 allows you to see and track the utilization levels of your employees across various departments. It enables a proper view of the percentage of healthy, underutilised and over-utilized employees through colour coded graphical representations. There are three simple categories here based on the working hours decided by you: 

  • If the employees are working for the standard hours set by the organisation then they are considered Healthy
  • If the employees are working less than the standard hours set by the organisation then they are considered under-utilized.
  • If the employees are working more than the standard hours set by the organisation then they are considered over-utilized.

As a manager or administrator you can seek accurate insights on your employees’ time utilization to realign your underutilized or over-utilized employees towards being healthy.

Now how is this data important and what decisions you can power up using this – lets check out! 

1. Fix working hours

If the data tells you that majority of your employees are working for lesser hours then you next need to track the employee productivity within the productivity tab of we360.ai. If productivity levels are lesser too, its an alarm and you need to put the training meters on. But if the productivity levels are fine then you seriously need to probably change your working hour structure as your employees are smart workers. Change the daily task schedule a bit or add upon extra responsibilities to their kitty or just give them a flexible work week, whatever you feel right. But a sure shot action is required. Time is Money, so you and your employees both need to utilize it fully.

2. Reshuffle your team

It’s a great idea to interchange the work and departments between employees sometimes. This allows everyone to know more and you to understand more about your team as a whole. May be you could save up on few extra hires and the same team could perform more tasks now without any hassle. There could be few employees who got prey to monotonous works and started to have performance issues, just changing their work department could do wonders to his/her employee productivity.

3.  Offer a better work life balance

You saw a few members to be uninterested, unhealthy workers. Now you may work out strategies to allot them works which suit them more and where their individual interest lies. They could probably do these well that too in a lesser time which can allow them to give more time to their family and friends. A healthy work life balance is what any employee craves for within a company and that is a big reason for employee stability in organizations worldwide. If you can boost the balance, then you are on your way to become a great boss.

4. Offer better learning and development

When you have the perfect idea of your team’s working status, you are surely in a good position to decide upon the right training plan for any / all of them. Constant learning and development is the key to organizational success. The more you train your employees, the more exposure you provide them with, the more their productivity would be. You can opt for associations with e-learning companies, individual trainers, your fellow references and a lot more for constant face to face interactions with your team on specific agendas. Webinars, conferences and guest sessions are nice ideas too. Give everyone what they want and they are yours for long.

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is the result of a well researched study with 100’s of clients across the world and this simple feature can help companies to extract upto 50% more output from their employees in a progressive organization. Startups can also benefit immensely through this feature as it goes well with smaller and undistributed teams which could be structured with time.

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