Manage your workspace through one application- Find Out How?

December 8, 2021

It is said that multitasking makes you a superhuman. But all the superhumans multitasking out there have to ask themselves: Are they multitasking effectively? Answers: Yes, No, Maybe. Don’t worry. This blog will help you to decide. A study says that a human brain can’t multitask for more than two hours, which means humans have to seek help from external sources to continue multitasking.

And what if I say that there is an application that can help you multitask and manage your workspace? Yes! gives you the access to manage your workspace from any corner of the world. is an Employee Monitoring Software that will help your employees to improve their productivity; It also helps you manage your projects and tasks effectively, including easy attendance and personal growth.

How Can You Become A Super Human?

For becoming superhuman, you don’t have to go through a science experiment; All you have to do is appropriately multitask your day. And you can manage and multitask in your workspace through one application: The application gives you the access to monitor and mentor your employees simultaneously. also allows you to track your employee’s productivity with real-time tracking and appropriate analysis. Several features will help you to multitask appropriately, and they are viz.

Super Human at Workplace

Manage Your Workspace Through A Mobile Application:

Keep Your Workspace In Your Pocket. lets you seek information about the latest updates on the project, your employees’ activities, and their productivity from any corner of the world. You can keep track of your employee’s application usage and real-time productivity from anywhere. You can also multitask by completing your deadlines and monitoring your employees.

Productivity Trail:

Don’t Say I Am Busy; say I Am Being Productive.

Follow your employee’s productivity trail and help them multitask. The application helps you to monitor your employee’s productivity. You can access the productivity percentage of your employee, and the percentage is evaluated by calculating the keystrokes and mouse clicks. This is one of the most significant features that will help you monitor and mentor your employees.

Real-Time Tracking:

We Don’t Track You; We just make You A Productive Employee. allows you to seek real-time tracking with application usage. The application will allow you to seek information about employees’ applications during their working hours. That will help you to evaluate who is actually working and who is not.

Outrun Your Clock:

Encash Time For Your Business.

Run ahead of your deadlines and save yourself from the ravages of time. With, you can clean up the piles of work and organise them effectively. And a ready to-do list is always better than piles of unorganised work. Also, you don’t have to attend lengthy meetings to seek updates from your employees; You can directly check all the updates on all the projects and tasks. This saves ample time and reduces the communication gap between the employer and the employees.

Domain Blocking:

Stay Focused And Block All The Distractions.

Staying focused is one of the most challenging tasks in this world of distractions. With, you can block all the unproductive applications that tempt you to waste your time.

Environment Of Equality:

Work With Equality.

With, you can make your workspace completely unbiased and 100% transparent. Using the capture screenshot feature, you can seek information about your employees during working hours. No one can falsely accuse your employees of not being benign productive. The application makes your workspace an equal ground and your workforce completely credible.

Always Keep Your Workspace Close and Your Employees Happier:

A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee.

Happiness is the secret to hacking into your employee’s productivity. You have to build a genuine relationship with your employees, and helps you strengthen your relationship with your employees.

Automated Attendance:

Mark Your Attendance Effortlessly.

With, you can very quickly mark your attendance. You have to punch in when you start working, and you have to punch out when you are done working. Easy! – The employee monitoring app is an all in one package. The application will help you to multitask your day correctly and will help you to unlock your superpowers. By multitasking properly, you will have a lot of free time in your hand, which you can invest accordingly. You are just an application away to become a superhuman.

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