A start-up friendly guide to plan your HR budget in 2022

July 2, 2021

Every startup needs to hire talented resources and invest in the growth of employees.

But major expenses like these can become an immense barrier to growing a successful business.

This article will break down the crucial line items you need to include in your HR budget 2022, in order to get a clear overview of what they will cost.

So, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

What is an HR budget?

HR budget is the planning and allocating funds for crucial HR processes during the year.

This budget allows you to plan your capital usage wisely and cover anticipated costs such as hiring talents, rewards, software costs, etc., whether you’re a startup or an established business.

Why HR Budget is important in a startup?

With a well-planned HR budget, you clearly understand how much finance to allocate, where to allocate it, so that important decisions don’t get stuck during the year.

A funded start-up hurdle to expand the teams. With an HR budget, you clearly understand the staffing need and can prevent the over-hiring mistake to a great extent.

With the HR budget, you can focus on the career growth of your employees with learning & development programs and upskilling efforts.

It helps you to recruit talented resources and reduce the employee churn rate to a great degree.

Important line items to consider in your HR budget 2022

Recruitment Talents

The success of a startup greatly depends on the experienced professional they hire. And, hunting for talent is no less than a never-ending battle.

Therefore, your HR budget should include different cost headers such as advertising the job postings, conducting interviews, background checks, paying hiring agencies, employee relocation, and onboarding costs.

This way, you can ensure that cost doesn’t become a hurdle in finding the right resource.

Salaries, Rewards & Incentives

With new hires salaries, promotions & appraisal- the salary component in your HR budget becomes incremental in nature.

Therefore, you should consider a 3- 5% hike from your last year’s salary budget to ensure an easy flow of funds.

Plus, you should also consider the extra cost incurred due to an increase in the health policy premium, employee retention cost, over time, and other perks if you expect them to add/increase in the current year.

Learning & Development Program

Learning & development is the most crucial to polish the skills of employees yet it is often neglected in most organizations.

With regular training, employees concrete their knowledge, have better job satisfaction, stay motivated, and become more efficient with less monitoring.

The best part is that with motivated employees you observe less absenteeism and quality work.

So, learning and development should be carefully planned and added to your HR budget.

HR Tech Solutions

This is an important item to consider in the HR budget so make sure you don’t miss it.

Not just sales or marketing, HR teams also need to pace up and adopt technology in order to attract, hire & retain talent efficiently.

Right from creating the talent pool, to onboarding and further managing employees’ performance, you need robust solutions in place.

If you are looking for a rounder software that can track attendance, project performance, and employees daily activities, your search ends with We360.ai

Employee Benefit Programs

Employee benefits could become an important point for a job candidate while choosing your organization over your competitor.

Employee family health insurance policy, gratuity fund, online medication consultation plan, corporate plan of fitness programs, accidental coverage (if the nature of the job includes traveling), vacations and paid time off, medical check-up camps, etc are all important things to consider in your HR budget.

Final Thoughts

Hope you now have better clarity on what all should be included in the HR budget.

If you are up to utilizing your funds wisely in 2022, make sure your HR budget makes room for all the line items we mentioned above.

In addition to these line items, let your innovation play and find ways to help your employees and organization reach their respective goals.

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