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7 Amazing Benefits of Acquiring Employee Tracking System

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“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.”

Nowadays, companies are acquiring Innovative and ingenious approaches to advance their growth. A successful company is not one that only focuses on one objective, that is their customers but it’s the one that focuses on overall 360-degree involvement.

The better we learn about ourselves, the better we develop ourselves.

Are you conducting regular internal analysis in your company?

Ask yourself such triggering questions, if you’re struggling with your productivity due to the inefficiency of your employees, then we assure you that this blog contains the right set of insight and solutions just for you!

So, let’s begin our learning to the 7 benefits of employee tracking software but before that let us get a brief introduction about the employee tracking software.

About Employee Monitoring Software

Remember! Evaluating opportunities and threats is essential for everyone. We can not imagine without thinking about our opportunities, can not initiate without planning about our threats but these factors rely on the external factors and come as a secondary.

Our priority is to make our strengths incompetent and work on our weaknesses to turn them in our favour. In this way, we can boost our productivity to the optimum performance.

One such way to do so is “Employee Monitoring Software”, A technique of tracking the activities which are being used by the corporation members, preventing and locating information breaching, enhancing employees’ engagement and boosting inefficient task flows.

An important point to mention when briefing about the Employee Monitoring Software is that it’s absolutely legal and verified. The sensitive information like user’s credentials, company’s prime files, and any other is not breached at all. For every software as a service company, data security plays the most vital component.

So, we hope that now you have a keen sense of the concept.

Without any further delay, let’s move to our segment that is 7 benefits of employee tracking software.

7 benefits of employee tracking software

1. Feasibility in maintaining huge records

With the presence of employee tracking software, huge data sets can be easily contemplated and comprehended by administrative and initiate actions on it.

Let’s take an instance that, your company manages the employees’ attendance manually. Through hand-written notebooks and tallies them monthly to get an employee’s statistic.

Isn’t this a super-tiring job? That too with huge scope for errors as after all it’s done by humans.

So, why not let us do this job with 100% accuracy, instantly and with more authenticity.

We360.ai’s dynamic software provides a feature to track your employees’ daily attendance. Not just that, you can also maintain the record of absentees and the number of people who are on a leave.

Now, let’s go to the next benefit that is better project management.

2. Better Project Management

When we were working offline, we used to receive the daily tasks verbally. It was instantaneous, but as most of the companies already adapted the work from home measure this option is not available to them.

To assist them in this circumstance, We360 has framed an innovative measure that is project management.

Now, an admin can allow you to manage or handle numerous company’s projects by planning, scheduling and prioritizing different tasks. The tasks assigned by admins have been strictly coordinated to the employee’s respective dashboard instantly.

The task details are bifurcated among the Title, Project Name, Created by, Assigned to, Creation Date, Deadline, Status of Priority and Status of Completion.

Comprehensive! Employers can also manage the records at just a glance. They can view the status of completion and the number of tasks completed in the project tab.

In case, you want to submit the status report physically then you just have to click on the download option and the entire report will be downloaded followed by print.

Now, let’s move to the third benefit which is a streamlined communication channel.

3. Streamlined communication channel

It actually gets feasible for employers to directly get in touch with their seniors. With a physical presence, it often gets difficult for low-rank employees to coordinate with their managers. Results in low- efficiency and inappropriate workflow.

Thus, to overcome this problem We360 has designed the user dashboard in such a manner that they can directly send important messages to their higher authorities or sub-ordinates.

This effort will surely increase your connectivity with fellow colleagues and boost your time efficiency and productivity to the maximum.

4. Convenient Employee Evaluation

As we discussed earlier, that evaluating strengths and weaknesses is the primary step a company must initiative. Then this feature will be the best choice.

Employee evaluation is the basic need of the hour for all companies. The more we learn about our employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and threats. The better we’ll be able to frame strategies for them. We can assign them a job that completely fits their domain of interest, put a person at a tough job that requires responsiveness, and develop a team for future projects.

We360.ai’s interactive dashboard helps you to configure out the mistakes they are making during project execution. Eventually, that’ll lead to greater quality of work and make things easy for achieving successful project deliverables.

Experience 100% trancparent wrok environment.

5. Strong relationship

Now that you’re understanding your employees better, helping them out to enhance their performance and interacting with them daily for improvement in their skills at work. You’re developing a strong relationship with them.

Such software even allows you to organise one-on-one chatting sessions, where users can talk to each other and figure out the problematic situation at an ease.

With the help of this software, supervisors can evaluate a bigger picture and they can evaluate a person’s capacity to think extraordinarily. As these managers can’t judge the optimum capacity of an individual in just a single meeting, this system provides them with real, accurate and tangible performance analysis.

6. Opportunity for recognition

Usually, employees feel like they are being monitored for errors, but employee tracking software also provides a way to reward employees.

The real-time performance of employees is recorded as proof of performance for the assessment and also enables managers to assess their good performance on site. This software enables employees to feel happy and comfortable in their work environment.

7. Real-Time Productivity Analysis

With employee tracking software, you get transparency on what your employees are presently doing. Are they working on their potential hours or just wandering around and loitering the time by surfing on the internet. This is powered even with more delicacy by real-time productivity tracking.

With We360.ai, As soon as you’ll get on the interface, you can see the Total Productivity Percentage, Total Working, Total Idle Time, and Total Productivity Time. The total Productivity Percentage is calculated by, total productive time percentage to total working time.

To help you in your analysis, we have an interesting filter out option with the graphical representation by department, employee, and Date.

To submit the comprehensive report to any concerned person. You can easily download the CSV sheet by just clicking on the download option.

It’s even more easy and accessible than actually pretending it.

We360.ai certify data security and security is a priority

Concluding Now!

We hope that now you are well aware of the benefits of Employees Tracking Software. No matter what type of job you have, the employer always expects its employees to be productive for their jobs. Keeping track of employee productivity plays a vital role in the product development and growth of your business.

The employer should be aware of the benefits of using employer tracking software for their business as it helps them improve their work style and increase productivity. Are you planning to start your journey?

We assure you that, We360.ai will be your best choice. Why don’t you have a free 7-day trial with complete user assistance and a comprehensive admin dashboard?

Thank you for being with us the whole time, we value your patience a lot. Reach out for any sort of assistance at any time.

Written by: Vatsal Makhija

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