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5 Necessary Features Required in Employee Monitoring Software

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Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!

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Looks like you’re all set to acquire an Employeemployee Monitoring Software but still confused whether to which software you should go for.

No worries,! This blog will solve all your queries starting from what exactly is an Employee Monitoring Software and what are the essential points that we must keep in our mind before selecting a perfect one.

So, shall we begin with a brief description of the employee tracking software? Also, we would like to mention that, if you stay till the end then there are some special tips and tricks to make your choice even better.

Let’s go!

About Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software is a creative approach by the employers in terms of tracking the activities of the employees that are utilised by corporations for a lot of reasons, helping them prevent and locate expensive information breaches, enhancing worker’s engagement and optimizing inefficient task flows.

In the meantime, you may think that these kinds of software are provoking inappropriate practices, promoting illegal or unauthorised content but truly these initiatives are barricaded within their legal parameters.

Let us make you aware of some important insights like 64% of staff say they visit non-work-related websites each day on the job. Of those people, 39% spent one hour or less, 29% pay 2 hours, 21% spend five hours, and 3% spend ten hours or more per day. 85% of workers use their company email for private reasons. 10% of all employee emails are personal or unrelated to the workplace. 92% of stock commercialism happens throughout the workday. Several employees admitted to trading personal stocks at work because it was the sole time they could.

I hope, these stats are now making sense to you and building your will strong enough towards the acquisition.

Now let’s move ahead with the main segment that is to look for the basic requirements of an Employee Monitoring Software.

Improve your productivity and save ample amount of time.

Features Required in Employee Monitoring Software

1. Ability to Perform Productivity Analysis

Productivity Tracking is the foundation step in and the most important parameter to be kept in mind while opting for the software. The techniques, the approaches, the reliability, the accuracy and many other things are essential to be kept in mind.

Most of the software, rely on basic parameters like video monitoring, Email observation, Location observation, Keylogger and many other aspects. The most reliable out of these following is the application usage tracking. If you’re allowing a system to an employee then he/she must be only using the applications that are bound to benefit the company. Productivity comes from that only.

To monitor these aspects, we have the following recommendation for you. We360.ai’s reliable real-time productivity tracking software.

It helps you to trace employees’ productivity based on their key presses, mouse clicks and application plus URL usage. In this way, we’re entirely covering the 360 overviews of an employee. The interface helps to show you a keen productivity percentage that is calculated by a specific formula.

To be precise, it’s total productive time in percentage to total working time. The time in which the users are completely inactive is considered to be idle time. This has to be mentioned that the software is programmed smartly that it won’t count your break-time into your idle as it’s a generic requirement for everyone.

Also, an employee can track the extended break time, as it might lead to un-productiveness.

Moving ahead, we have the attendance data tracking.

2. Helps in recording employees’ attendance

Being an employer you must have come across an incident of buddy-pitching. In simple words, another employee is pitching on the behalf of an employee. This might agitate you back then a little but you ignored this instance by warning them once.

There’s the slightest chance that they might do it again in your absence. This problem can be sorted out easily with the help of We360.ai’s advanced user interface.

Nothing, just a simple punch in button will be present on the employees’ dashboard where they have to click on that and punch into the system. This will make them active on the admin’s dashboard and their legal tracking will begin.

In this manner, attendance records are filed in the system. Now, no hustle of storing large handwritten files, no person allocated to maintain the registers, no person responsible to keep those records safe. As they’re already been saved to the cloud storage of the company in the encrypted form (untraceable for all).

The admin’s dashboard somewhere looks like this, It covers the graphical trend of attendance over time, displays the number of present and absent employees and much more. You can even filter out the option based on dates.

3. Real-time Screen Capturing

One of the most alluring features, which is much needed in a work from home culture is snapshot tracking or in a layman’s language screen tracking.

Let’s take an instance, you’re a company that’s currently operating from home. But getting stuck at their targets and couldn’t deliver the optimum service to the clients at last. Doesn’t this simplify that your workforce is not efficient and they’re not contributing their 100% to the company?

Reasons can be simple that they’re either wasting their valuable time in non-work hours and lagging at their tasks or they’re facing trouble communicating with each other and this is resulting in the latency of work completion.

To cope up with the first problem, snapshot techniques can come real handy. With the help of We360.ai’s automated snapshot technique, you can track a user’s computer screen at an interval of every 5 minutes. This transparency feature will enhance productivity and reduce the time-theft exponentially.

Start 3 min simple set up to run ahead of your deadline.

4. Configure Application Usage

Now, what exactly does an application tracking interface includes?

It includes names of all the applications used, a graphical pie chart to display the apps, various applications plotted on a bar graph, a statistical overview of all the applications used, and the same features for URLs and logs.

Wondering how this feature will help you to boost productivity? Well, as soon as you start tracking your employees’ workflow you’ll come to know which feature is beneficial to the company and which features in non-beneficial to the company. You can filter out the time that is spent on the productive software and the un-productive one.

After the analysis, you can restrict those domains or websites from the user’s workstation by the domain blocking feature.

Now, what’s this domain blocking?

We360.ai offers an amazing feature of Blocking the domains for example URL’s, Applications, and Logs. An amazing way to prioritise the work and avoid unnecessary stuff while work hours.

5. User-Friendly Interface

It is truly said that the way your employees feel the way your customers will feel. So, if your employees don’t feel needed then the same goes with your customers.

Make your interface simple, the thorough your explanation will be, the better will be the result. Softwares can be tricky at first, difficult to use, tough to comprehend, hard to analyze and difficult to preach. Thus, if a company can not rely on their resources to another then it can not build customer trust.

We360.ai’s employee tracking software package is consistent with this perspective, then it saves you plenty of your time that may get wasted being silly in teaching staff a way to use it. The basic motive of an employee monitoring tool is to higher the productivity of your workforce, to not cut back it. Right!

Wrapping Up!

Are you now ready to make your decision? So, here’s the special tip for you for staying till the end.

Most of the companies are charging huge amounts of money per user but not providing enough services and multiple features. We360.ai’s budget-friendly software is providing all the features along with multiple services. Want to compare the pricing, feature and services? Just Click now!

Why don’t you have a free 7-day trial or a demo with complete user assistance and a comprehensive admin dashboard?

Thank you for being with us the whole time, we value your patience a lot. Reach out for any sort of assistance at any time.

Written by: Vatsal Makhija

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