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4 Proofs to show Employee Monitoring Software actually works!

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Employee monitoring software is one of the essential tools that businesses need to invest in a new normal.

Why so?

The new normal demands a more flexible work culture brought a new set of challenges, and yet the biggest concern of businesses remains the samehow to upsurge the productivity, keep the team motivated so that your business revenue can go further up.

We360.ai- Highest Rated Employee monitoring software which can help you achieve these goals, plus more.

Let’s understand the basics of employee monitoring software and see proof that this software actually works.

What is an Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is a tool to help you manage your workforce (remote, hybrid, freelancers), track their everyday activities, and improve your team’s performance.

We360.ai employee monitoring software comes with intuitive dashboards and reports to analyze each activity at a granular level.

The software has two options- to alert the user about the tracking or track in stealth mode. (We have shared more about stealth mode here, you can understand in this article.)

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

1. Are employees busy or productive?

Especially with a remote team or during WFH, it is a cumbersome task to figure out if your team is just busy or are they actually productive?

Productivity, as we know, is important for businesses as productive employees deliver quality work in less time and contribute directly to revenue growth.

We360.ai’s clients, across the industries, have witnessed an increase of approx. 63% in employee’s productivity and hence an increase in bottom-line.

We360.ai comes with an AI-enabled productivity score that is computed based on the keyboard strokes, mouse movement, and clicks and shows the exact idle and productive time of an employee during work hours.

2. Improves Employees attendance

Most businesses preferred card-based punch-in and punch-out software before the pandemic.

But is it viable for businesses with hybrid or remote work-culture now?

Now, attendance management has to be contactless. A software- based punch in and punch out is suitable and economical for businesses.  

We360.ai has helped businesses to save the additional cost of implementing an end-to-end attendance management system, and ensure that employees stick to work-hour and actually work during work from home.

Our clients who work with the remote or hybrid workforce, have witnessed 85% increases in resource availability during work hours, and hence their customer satisfaction score has improved to 93%

3. Safeguard your company’s resources

WFH privilege has indeed helped businesses to continue working during these difficult times.

But we cannot deny the high number of security breaches and other disciplinary issues businesses faced during this time.

According to a reboot online survey, there has been a 20% increase in the corporate security breach.

With private high-speed WIFI connections, it is becoming easy for employees to fall for internet surfing. And, numerous malicious websites are waiting for such vulnerable users to attack.

The application usage feature helps you find out the non-work-related websites that your employees use and ultimately end up wasting their work hours.

Then, with the We360.ai domain blocking feature, you can centrally block suspicious websites with just a click.

With We360.ai, employee monitoring software not only can monitor the employees but can help them cut down on the distractions and focus better on work.

4. Goal-oriented Teams

Combating all the issues shared above can directly add to your business revenue.

Think of it in this way, when the business manager or HRs no longer have to chase teams for productivity, attendance, or other disciplinary issues, they can focus on better tasks.  

With effective employee monitoring software, you can sensitize your employees of their activities, help them understand their own unproductive activity trends and work on them, identify and reward them for sincere hard-working and efforts.

Final Words

Hope you better understand that whether it’s a remote, hybrid, or team working at the office, an employee monitoring software can save you on multiple indirect costs.

We360.ai is cost-effective and flexible software that meets the needs of start-ups, MSEs, and large enterprises.

Check out more and try We360.ai- Employee monitoring software for free.

Written by: Madhvi

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